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MotoGP, Fast By Prosecco, Pernat: “Nice Ducati teamwork, it’s part of the sport”

VIDEO - Our Carletto comments on Thai Grand Prix: “Zarco was a bit of a squire for Bagnaia, but that’s fine. Oliveira is very fast on wet asphalt. He deserved the win. I don’t remember such a World Championship.”

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Carlo Pernat comments on the Thai Grand Prix in Buriram. A race in unprecedented conditions for the riders who, before the race, hadn’t done a lap  in wet conditions before getting on the starting grid. The result was a fast Oliveira with an incredible feeling on the KTM on wet asphalt, with Miller in a splendid second and almost able to fight for the title again. According to Pernat, this World Championship gets better every day, with 5 riders in only 40 points, and at 3  races from the end. With a glass of Prosecco Doc, Carletto tells it like it is, as always

We’re talking about a world championship that we haven’t seen in I don’t know how many years. There are five riders in forty points, at three races from the end. I think it’s something that no one can remember in living memory. It was a strange Grand Prix in Thailand, with tests on dry asphalt and thunderstorms during the race, which almost put the start of the race at risk. But I must also say a great Grand Prix, where Ducati earned points with Bagnaia. Oliveira won the race in wet conditions, with Miller who is equally as strong on wet asphalt, and the next race is his home race. 

Bagnaia won a third place with Zarco, who was a bit of a squire, but that’s fine. That's part of the sport. It’s now clear that there are only two points between Quartararo and Bagnaia, so we’re talking about a very close championship, without forgetting that there’s a rider like Espargarò in third place with only twenty less. Figures that I don’t ever remember seeing. And everything could blow up in a flash

It was a positive day for Ducati and a positive day for Marc Marquez, who honestly had a great race. It’s clear that he struggles less on wet asphalt but, given the conditions in which he’s in, he deserves an applause. Aleix Espargarò was kind of saved by the bell, so to speak. Aprilia’s problems over the weekend were huge. Maybe Australia can help them. Binder’s rather peculiar entry penalized him with a long lap penalty, which is important because he lost two and a half seconds. At least he got points on Quartararo who couldn’t get it today. Fabio started out badly. He had no traction when it was wet. Maybe the worst day for the French rider after the zero in Aragon. Fabio is starting to get nervous, and I understand him, because he’s in front of an army of Ducatis that are going really fast. Zarco was so fast today that I could’ve sworn he was going to win. 

But it was nice teamwork, with Ducati who wants this world championship. Remember that they haven’t won it since 2007. Then KTM had a big win. They deserve it. They’re taking technicians from Ducati, and this must be said. Next year, they’ll be feared by everyone. I have to say, Honda without Marquez on dry asphalt will disappear. Even Alex Marquez held down the fort today. He was overtaken by Bastianini, two laps from the end, when he was sixth behind Marc. A good sixth place today for Enea, who didn’t feel right during the first laps, but he then he started going strong again. 

A championship you shouldn’t miss. Beautiful. Again, the world champion title could change in a flash.”  


Translated by Leila Myftija

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