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MotoGP, Bezzecchi: "I wanted to follow Marquez or Miller, then I decided to go it alone"

"I never expected to take pole, but with the team we have done an incredible job since yesterday and in the last braking I made a difference. I haven't heard from Valentino yet, but I will certainly write to him later."

MotoGP: Bezzecchi: "I wanted to follow Marquez or Miller, then I decided to go it alone"


Marco Bezzecchi notched up an important chapter of his MotoGP career this morning, taking his first pole position in the premier class at Buriram and confirming once again that he is one of the most crystalline talents in the paddock. Bez was perfect, managing to put the other two Ducatis of Martìn and Bagnaia in their place with a masterful lap and also showing that he had an excellent pace in both FP3 and FP4.

The Assen podium can be repeated in Thailand, with the dream of aiming for something even better in the race. Marco seems very mature to be a rookie in the category and in the future he will represent yet another ace in the sleeve of a Ducati that, by focusing on youngsters, will find itself with a series of very fast riders on the track for several years to come, demonstrating it has won the bet made two years ago when Borgo Panigale opted to follow this path instead of aiming at all costs at signing an already established champion.

“Was a fantastic day for sure – commented Bezzecchi - Honestly, I didn’t expect to make pole position. But my lap was good and I knew it. When I arrived to parc fermé it was a big emotion with all of my crew, my guys. It was a very good feeling, but I’m also happy because we worked very well since yesterday because yesterday I was not fast. From this morning we made a step and I was very competitive, also in terms of pace. So, it was a very nice day.”

You were perfect especially in the last sector.

“Honestly, this morning I was already good in the last sector but today I think I made a very good last corner and this gave me the possibility of this pole position. But overall I was fast over the lap. As soon as I saw Miller and Marc who were waiting before coming out of the pits, I decided to go to the track alone to see what I would be able to do. I did this fantastic lap and I'm happy with it. "

This is also the first pole for VR46 Racing Team in MotoGP. Could the first victory come tomorrow?

"I am happy to have made the first pole for this team, because they really deserve everything I can do for them to thank them for their great work. For tomorrow it will be difficult to choose the tyre. The medium and the soft are both good, even if at the moment I would say the medium. In any case I think that Pecco, Jorge and Fabio are very fast, maybe even faster than me. Tonight I will have to study the data very well to find something more ".

Have you heard from Valentino yet?

"I haven't heard from him on the phone yet, but I'll definitely write to him tonight and we'll talk about it."

Why was Ducati so competitive this morning?

"I've never tried the other bikes, so I don't know. But my bike is very competitive the way it is, even in terms of pace. It's made to always push to the limit and it's nice, because it always leads you to be focused to the maximum and do everything you can in the saddle, such as braking as late as possible. I think the grip that the bike finds is excellent, maybe not the best but excellent. Under braking, however, it is formidable and I think this is a very important aspect in today's MotoGP ".

Is it true that you used a used soft for your qualifying lap?

"I put on a soft this morning and I did a good time in FP3, but then when I put on the second I only did one lap. It was a decent tyre but not new. Then I used it to do the first time attack in Q2 and it went well, I honestly don't know how I managed to get this pole ".

It seems that over time, your riding style has 'cleaned up'.

"I have a style that, seen from the outside, might seem dirty. But in reality, if you look at my telemetry, I'm very clean too. With this bike, if you ride dirty, you don't go very well. Here I was perhaps even cleaner than usual, because the braking that there is, it's easy to lose contact with the asphalt behind and you have to be very gentle, even if you brake very hard. If you are not gentle you can lift as hard as you want, but you don’t stop. I worked on this a bit, both me with the way I ride and the guys in the garage on the bike, and I think we did well. "

You have a great pace, how do you see yourself compared to your rivals?

"I am fast in pace, I have not yet seen what the others have done, I feel better with the soft, even though its’ a risky choice for the duration. I do not know how Pecco, Fabio and the others are, but I guess they are fast. I certainly can't complain, I think we can do well tomorrow. "


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