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MotoGP, Bagnaia: “I’m still thinking about the mistake at Motegi, lots of things to figure out”

“It was impossible for me to overtake Pol Espargarò, and I struggled on the wet asphalt. The team already has an idea. At Buriram, Ducati has an advantage in the first sector, Quartararo in the third.”

MotoGP: Bagnaia: “I’m still thinking about the mistake at Motegi, lots of things to figure out”


Time heals all wounds, but Bagnaia didn’t have much time after the Japanese Grand Prix, where he fell, throwing away an opportunity to shorten his distance from Quartararo in the ranking. The good news is that he’ll be able to try to do it again this Sunday in Thailand.

Honestly, I’m still thinking about that mistake and analyzing everything with the team. We have to understand why I struggled so much in acceleration,”  Pecco admitted. “I was stuck behind Pol Espargarò for many laps, and it was impossible for me to pass him. In any case, it was a strange weekend because of the conditions we found, for the fact that I was slow on the wet asphalt. There are many things to figure out.

Some are already clearer.

We understand that, in certain situations,  you have to push, even if you can’t do it as you'd like to. If I think about the fall, my goal was only to get in front of Fabio. I would have earned a single point, but it would have been important. I was too ambitious. I tried from too far away and the only positive thing was not to have touched Quartararo,” he concluded.

Then he talked about riding in wet conditions.

Compared to last year, the only thing I changed was the balance of the bike,” he explained. “Maybe that’s the reason why I sometimes struggle more. But the main thing is that we haven’t had many sessions on wet asphalt this year. I didn’t feel the tires in Japan, but the team has an idea on how to make me more aware of load transfers even when it’s wet.”

It could come in handy in Buriram because rain is expected tomorrow for the first free practice sessions.

The improvements to the wet tires have been really great, and they help us, and some tracks have better grip than before. The slippage on the straight is due to the tires overheating, and it’s difficult to manage. But here, in 2019, we did the FP3 when it was wet and, using a pair of mediums, I think it went well. Following someone in the race is difficult, but there seems to be less water on the asphalt on this track.”

In dry conditions, Bagnaia knows where to improve and where he has advantages.

The first sector is good for Ducati. There’s only a corner and a straight,”  he said smiling. “The third is our weak point. In 2019, we lost a lot to Fabio, but I think the new fairing will help.”

Lastly he commented on Aron Canet, who revealed that he had been discarded by some teams because he supposedly has too many tattoos.

It’s strange that these problems still exist these days. Having many tattoos doesn’t mean anything, and I don’t understand why some teams don’t want him because of this,”  is the Ducati rider’s opinion.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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