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MotoGP, Marquez: "Fighting in the lead even in Thailand? Not realistic.”

“I’d love to, but my goals are to finish the weekend and build for the future.” Pol Espargarò: “I regained some speed in Motegi. I have to continue like this.”

MotoGP: Marquez: "Fighting in the lead even in Thailand? Not realistic.”


The Buriram track is one of Marc Marquez’s favorites. He was unbeaten in the two editions of the Thai Grand Prix so far, in 2018 and 2019, and he’s now facing the new round after his great result in Motegi: 4th at the end of a race that gave him lots of confidence in terms of his physical condition.

But the Spanish rider doesn’t feel like attacking, because he knows that his Honda still has problems, and his arm is not 100% okay. So he thinks it’s best to keep a low profile and reset his goals, day by day.

My goal is to put together another complete weekend like in Japan. Of course, I’d like to fight again in the lead positions, like in Motegi, but I don’t think it’s realistic to have these expectations,” Marc  admitted. “It’s not even our goal. We’re here to develop. I have good memories of 2018 and 1209, especially of our last visit, and I look forward to seeing the Thai fans again.”

For Pol Espargarò, the end of his adventure with Honda is approaching and, at least in his final races, he’d like some satisfaction, which he hasn’t had much of so far.

It’ll be another weekend where we can see what we can do,” he says. “In Japan, we managed to regain some of the speed we had at the beginning of the year, and now we have to repeat ourselves and improve again. In previous visits to Thailand, I wasn’t very lucky, but now I’m going with a different bike, and we’ll see what we'll be able to accomplish this weekend.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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