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MotoGP, Marquez: "We needed this achievement, it's fresh air inside the box"

"In the wet now I ride as I want, in the dry not yet. Today we celebrate, but tomorrow I will be back to normal: I am ready for a race of 10 laps, not 24"

MotoGP: Marquez: "We needed this achievement, it's fresh air inside the box"


After 1071 days, Marc Marquez has returned to the pole position and he did so on the same circuit where he did it last time: Motegi. There could not have been a better place, because it is Honda's home circuit. Undoubtedly the rain gave him a big help, but the most important thing is that the Spanish champion has shown, after yet another arm operation, that he is back to riding as he wants and knows how to do, at least in the wet.

“I'm really happy to be back in pole position - says Marc - It’s only a pole position, it’s in the wet, but in the situation we are in right now with the team, with Honda, struggling a lot this 2022, it’s a really good news for us because we need these small achievements, these small motivations and this fresh air inside the box is what we need.”

Did you expect it?

“It was the time to do it, especially when in FP2 I was riding in easy mode and the lap time was coming, I said ‘ok, if it’s wet in the afternoon I had a big chance’. I tried to attack and I did a good lap – I didn’t exaggerate it, but it was enough to be on pole position. Sometimes in the wet when you exaggerate you go slower and then Puig asked me not to (laughs). Then in dry conditions it’s more difficult, I’m still not ready to attack all the laps. And in the wet, the weak points of the bike is less.”

If the race is dry, won't you be able to repeat these performances?

“No. I mean, tomorrow we will come back to our natural place right now. Of course, I would like to be on top, of course I would like to fight for the podium, for top five. But it’s not the time, this is what I believe. Always when I have a small chance I will try because I’m like this and my character is the same as when I arrived in MotoGP. But tomorrow will be a very long race. I already felt on Friday that here I will struggle to be consistent and attacking all the laps. First we need to see what the weather will be, then which tyres and finally try to get a good start. The fastest riders will overtake me, I will have to find my position. If the race were 10 laps, I would say that I’m there, but not for 24. I'll have to stay calm, in Aragon I could have been consistent, but here in Motegi I won't be able to use all my energy at the start of the race. It will be a good test for me, today I rode thinking of nothing else but tomorrow I will have to manage myself and the bike ”.

What does it mean to be there up at the front?

“It's very important, not for now but for 2023. When you're struggling for so long, it's easy to have a drop, in every respect. This pole is important for me, but also for the team, for the Japanese technicians, we needed this kind of result. I will try to get it even in dry conditions, but at the moment we are not ready. I take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped to get back to the top and Honda because they are working hard ”.

After riding the Honda at Misano, Aragon and Mugello, do you find it different from how you remembered it?

“The feelings on the bike and its weak points are the same as in Mugello. In the first part of the season I noticed those problems but then I got used to it, but when I returned to Misano I realized that nothing had changed and I started complaining. On this track the weak points are not as noticeable, but they are the same even in the wet, as are the advantages ”.

But you were very fast…

“In wet conditions, today was the first day that I rode the bike like I like. I mean, last year on wet I was competitive but I was riding in a strange way and I didn’t feel comfortable on the bike. And I didn’t understand how the lap time was coming. But today I confirmed my arm position was in a perfect way, and I was able to brake like I wanted, go in and pick up the bike and I’m very happy for that. I can ride in wet conditions better than dry, because the effort on the muscles is less, and then I can keep my arm in the position that I like.”

Was the last operation a success then?

“It was a victory, now I can have a normal life, without feeling pain every day. Now we need to understand if it has also been a success for my professional life. In the wet it's fine, but in the dry it will still have to wait because I don't know yet what is the best I can reach, in winter I will have the answer ".

Meanwhile, you can enjoy this pole.

"The last time was here and fate had it was at the same track. A lot of things have happened in these three years, I have suffered and I am still suffering, but we are building the basis for growth. The goal in the last few races is to get some good results, we did it again this morning after FP2 because we need to know where we come from. "

In parc fermé there were all the Honda staff.

“It is very important for them to get such a result on this track, it is for everyone. Now we're going to have a meeting and I'm the first to demand a lot from me and from others. We did a pole but in the wet, the reality is different. We must not be satisfied, but continue to work knowing where we are ”.

Do you have a dedication?

“I could dedicate it to many people, but I keep it to myself because I’m the one who suffered. But many have helped me in this period, I know who they are and I thank them very much ".


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