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Heavy rain in Motegi: MotoGP FP3 canceled

UPDATE – The rain isn’t letting up, and all the riders are waiting in their garages after the red flag, with delays in scheduling the day.

MotoGP: Heavy rain in Motegi: MotoGP FP3 canceled


After the Moto2s had been on the track for 5 minutes for the Q2, at 2:05 pm local time, the commissioners of the Motegi circuit waved the red flag. The morning downpour increased in intensity, and it was impossible to keep racing.

They announced that the pit lane will reopen at 3:00 pm (8 am in Italy), hoping the rain will let up.

UPDATE - The MotoGP FP3 session has been canceled. Right now, the Moto2 Q2 and the two qualifying rounds of the MotoGP have been confirmed.

Aprilia’s Paolo Bonora on Sky: “If conditions improve, the Moto2 Q2 will resume and, after speaking with the riders, they’ll decide whether to let the MotoGPs enter the track for qualifying.”

They have to decide by 4:15 pm local time, since the track will no longer be accessible after 5:30 pm because there won’t be enough light by then.

Further updates coming soon.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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