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MotoGP, Bagnaia at a loss to explain poor qualifying result but aims to win tomorrow

Pecco will start 12th: "not acceptable, something is not working in the wet. My objective is not just to stay ahead of Fabio, but to try and win"

MotoGP: Bagnaia at a loss to explain poor qualifying result but aims to win tomorrow


The Motegi rain was a bit of a cold shower for Bagnaia. While yesterday in the dry he was second only to Miller, today in the wet he was the slowest in Q2 and tomorrow he will start from the middle of the grid. A 12th place that only has the consolation fact that Quartararo did little better, the Frenchman ending up in the third row.

“Sincerely, I haven’t checked anything, it’s too close to qualifying – I have to see and check the data. I think that something is not working - explained a very disappointed Pecco - Because last year I was always competitive on wet and this year, no, I’m always struggling. The only time we raced on wet was in Indonesia, I finished 15th. And then all the practice on wet I was struggling. So maybe on this moment, with this bike, I’m not on my best moment on wet. But we have to check the data. I know that for sure something happened, because it’s not possible to take two seconds from the top. I was slower than this morning, in a better situation in better conditions. In this moment, this result is not acceptable – and I want to discover why.”

At least the problems are clear…

“I didn't have confidence on the bike and it was difficult to understand the limit. I don't know if it was my fault, but normally I’m good on wet. And the only good thing was to be already in Q2".

In the past, the wet was never an enemy…

"In Moto2 I didn’t do many races in the wet, but right here at Motegi I finished 4th starting from behind - he recalled - Last year in Valencia in the wet I was among the top three in free practice in the wet, also in Misano I was competitive. This season, however, I am struggling, even if it is true that today we only did one session in the wet and it is difficult to make changes in qualifying. I think it was bad luck, but I haven't lost my determination to improve tomorrow. But if it’s wet, I will try to do my best, I will try to finish in front, because I know our level is so much higher than this.”

What will be the plan for tomorrow?

“I will push. I will try to stay in front, in the last few races I have always started well, and here it will be important to manage the tyres and overtake the biggest number of riders in the first laps. I can't think of not attacking”.

Bagnaia does not want to settle for simply being in front of Quartararo…

“My target will be to win tomorrow – he made it clear - The only thing that will be important will be to recover points. But my main objective is not Fabio, my main objective is to be in front and to try to win. I think considering yesterday that my pace on dry was very good, very constant, also with used tyres. And in case it will be wet it will be a different story for me. At Portimao I started 22nd and finished 8th, I can do it."

You will have to be careful, especially at the first corner…

"Starting 12th is not the best thing, we need to see if it is better to stay on the inside or outside, I will certainly try to avoid mistakes. On the dry the bike is fine, for the first time this year we finished FP1 well. Normally we need more time, but yesterday in the last two exits I had the solutions I wanted ”.


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