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Moto2, Marc VDS: “The rain caused a short circuit and the fire”

“We want to thank the entire paddock and especially the Suzuki team that helped us rebuild the garage. We’re ready to start the Japanese GP.”

Moto2: Marc VDS: “The rain caused a short circuit and the fire”


The Marc VDS team has issued the following statement explaining the causes of the fire in their garage.

After extinguishing the fire in the garage, proper inspections showed that the fire started when some rainwater entered the garage and got to the floor, where it caused a short circuit in the  charger  that, in turn, let off some sparks, which then quickly grew into a fire.

Fortunately, thanks to the amazing job done by all the paddock people who were there, circuit security, and the circuit firemen, damages were thankfully kept to a minimum.

The Elf Marc VDS team wants to publicly thank […] all our paddock colleagues, with a special mention to the Suzuki MotoGP team that worked with us to clean and rebuild the garage as if it were their own.

With all our team members safe and the garage rebuilt, we are ready to start the Japanese GP  tomorrow.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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