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MotoGP, Fast By Prosecco, Pernat: “Bastianini, Bagnaia, and Ducati won”

VIDEO - Our Carletto comments Aragon Grand Prix: "Fabio with his zero set up a world championship in a rather violent, really unfortunate manner. Even Marquez’s return was very unfortunate.”

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Carlo Pernat talks about the splendid victory of his pupil, Enea Bastianini, in Aragon, after a duel at the last lap with Pecco Bagnaia who, thanks to Quartararo’s zero, is very close to the French rider in the overall classification. For the manager, this is also the race of a return to the top for Aleix Espargarò. After Silvestone, he's finally back to racing like he did at the beginning of the season. With a glass of Prosecco Doc at hand, Carletto also talks about Marc Marquez’s unfortunate return, convinced that the last five races of the season will be lots of fun. 

A multi-faceted Grand Prix, with winners, losers, and some ill-fated. Let’s start talking about the unlucky ones. We usually put them at the end. Of course, we’re talking about Fabio Quartararo who, with his zero, has put the championship back on its feet in a rather violent manner. He’s really unlucky, but it’s always the same. He’s the only one who rides this Yamaha, while the others don’t exist

The winners are Bastianini, Ducati, and Bagnaia. I named all three, because it was a race in which Enea and Pecco dominated, compared to the others. They arrived with a great advantage at the finish line, thanks to a fabulous bike, like the Ducati is today, even if Bagnaia has the 2022 bike, while Bastianini has the bike from the end of 2021, and it's always good to remember that. 

There were no team games, and this is good for the sport, at least until today. Rightly so, also because Bastianini had more to give than Bagnaia did today. But I have to say that Pecco is a really tough, fast rider. If I had to say who the favorite is for the world championship, I’d say he is. 

Another winner in my opinion is Aleix Espargarò. After the terrible fall at Silverstone, he faded. He no longer raced in that positive bubble he had. Now, I have to say that he got stronger in this race. It’s a podium with a gap of a few seconds, but it's important, which makes him understand that he’s back to being himself. In the upcoming five Grand Prixs, he’ll be there. 

I have to say that the Ducatis could have done even better, because Zarco, Miller, and Martín could have kept Aleix behind, giving important points to Bagnaia, but that didn’t happen.

A KTM that we’re starting to see, especially with Binder, who is a very fast rider, in my opinion. I repeat, I think they have to be careful of the KTM for next year, because they went looking in Ducati for engineers, and made important purchases. There’s lots of Ducati there. Sterlacchini, who’ll be the head of development, was Dall’Igna’s right-hand man, so I’d say that the Ducati way is always not copied, but used.

Then there was lots of bad luck for Marquez. I wanted to see him at work. He would certainly have arrived in the top ten, but in the second half of the Grand Prix. A round of applause for his return. It took a lot of effort, but we can call the rest of the Honda team the Potemkin battleship, just for a laugh. Frankly, it was an announced disaster. Good luck to Marc, in his continuing to develop a bike that needs it really badly.

Anyway, five great races await us. We’ll have fun!


Translated by Leila Myftija

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