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SBK, Gino Rea’s family started fundraiser for therapy

The rider suffered brain damage in the Suzuka accident, and recovery could take months or years. A fundraising campaign was launched to cover expenses.

SBK: Gino Rea’s family started fundraiser for therapy


Gino Rea’s conditions are improving, but recovery will still be long. The rider was discharged from the hospital in Japan and returned home, but it’ll take months, or even years, for a full recovery.

Following the accident at the Suzuka 8 Hours, Gino was in a coma for 7 days, sustaining fractures to two vertebrae, his left collarbone, a rib, and a contusion to his lungs, but his brain, with axonal damage sustained the most serious injury, with major repercussions.

Rea’s short- and long-term memory has been affected, and specific therapy will be needed to recover. As of now, Gino remembers some important moments in his life, such as his first time riding a motocross minimoto and the podium in the Spa 24 Hours, but he still can’t remember many other things.

To continue his therapy, which is very expensive, his family started an online fundraiser. The goal is to reach the sum of £.125,000. A total of more than £.33,000 has already been donated.

Anyone who would like to contribute can do so by clicking HERE.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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