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MotoAmerica, Petrucci: “I brought lots of emotion to the US, I’ll be happy even if I don’t win”

RACE 2 HIGHLIGHTS - Danilo is 4 points behind Gagne with only 2 races remaining at the end of the Championship: “The rain saved me in New Jersey. I’ll try in Barber.

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Danilo Petrucci had to show his full potential at the Motorsport Park in New Jersey. He had no other chance but to win, and he succeeded in Race2, under a rainy sky (see video above with race highlights). The best conditions for the rider from Terni, who has always been a wizard in the rain, but it still wasn’t a simple feat.

Saturday was probably the most difficult race of the championship,” he admitted, after his fifth victory in MotoAmerica. “I really struggled on this track. It’s so narrow, so disconnected, with a low level of grip. These are the worst conditions for us. But I know that the Ducati works perfectly well in the rain, and I always like to ride in wet conditions. At the start of the race, I wasn’t sure if it was going to rain or not, but it was so hard to decide on the tires. I tried to do my own pace, but without wearing out the rear tire much. That was enough because, with one lap more, and I would’ve been in trouble, not for winning the race, but even just finishing it.

Even so, Petrux had to bring out the best in himself.

I don’t know if it was recorded by cameras, but I almost fell three laps from the end,” he continued his story. “I was able to remain on the track by about a centimeter. I risked a highside. It was very difficult because, in the end, the rain was stronger.

Thanks to his success, he’s only 4 points away from Gagne in the championship, where there’s  only one round and two races left till the end. The grand finale will be September 23rd to 25th at Barber Motorsport Park.

However it goes, I’m very happy to bring the championship to the last race, regardless of whether I arrive first or second, because I’m very happy to have brought all these emotions into this championship,” Danilo said. “Regardless of the victory, I think it was good to follow this championship and this fight to the end. I’m very happy to race here. Surely, the rain was like water in the desert, and I’m very happy. We’re going to Barber. I know the track, I had a test day in May. I’m going to try.”|


Translated by Leila Myftija

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