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SBK, Razgatlioglu: "If it's dry I'll try and win all three races"

"The jump at Cadwell? I've seen the video loads of times. In the dry, Johnny and I have an advantage. The Yamaha is the best bike of the lot."

SBK: Razgatlioglu: "If it's dry I'll try and win all three races"


At Magny-Cours, Friday's free practice was marked by bad weather conditions, which compromised progress in the two SBK sessions. In the wet Razgatlioglu struggled, so much so that he found himself in 10th position more than 3 seconds behind Rea, who leads the standings.

Tomorrow, conditions should be better, and the cards on the table will be shuffled once again. The dry could give Toprak an advantage, who while he didn’t give his best in the rain, in the dry he has always been very fast here.

Whether it’s because of his 10th place, or whether it’s the fame of the fastest stuntman in the world that the Turkish rider is creating, the conversation between him and the journalists can only start off by talking about the now famous video of Toprak jumping with the Yamaha R1 at Cadwell.

How many times have you seen it?

"Many times, other times I watched the video of the others, this time I watch mine" a satisfied Toprak started off. "I usually watch crashes, not normal videos, because it is a very difficult track".

If I remember correctly in Most, you said you weren't going to ride at Cadwell.

“I meant the race, I did three laps, no more”.

With so little practice, how dangerous could the jump be?

“Normally, my idea would have been to jump on the first lap. But first I had to understand the bike, which wasn't mine, and it was also my first time on that track. I had only seen it in a video game, it is very strange. When I saw it I said: wow!".

And what about today?

“It was a strange day, a good day for me. I got to train in the wet. This morning was not bad. In the afternoon I tried to improve, in some areas we succeeded, in others the grip was not good. Johnny is always very fast in the wet, his time is really amazing. Tomorrow we expect good weather, and we will try and make three victories. "

How come you are so far behind today, usually in the wet you are fast?

“That's not true, I'm usually slow in the wet. In the afternoon I did not find myself, neither in terms of grip, nor with the bike. Tomorrow morning we will try some new settings in the wet. "

You are usually very fast on this track. Do you think that a particular day like today can help you?

"I don't know, I think it won't change much for me and Johnny, we have enough data here, last year we were very fast, we know the bike. For us I don't think it changes much ".

We usually know your braking advantage. Does this advantage remain in the wet or is it cancelled out?

"I don't know, but in the dry we are very strong. In the rain it takes longer to measure, but even in mixed conditions with slicks we are fast ”.

I won’t ask you a question about your teammate but about your brand mate. There is the possibility that Gardner, Baldassari or Aegerter will join the GRT team. Is there someone you prefer?

“Everyone is fine with me, I have no preferences”.

Do you think having the 2021 Moto2 champion could be beneficial for Yamaha or are the two categories too different?

“Everyone when they come from MotoGP wants to try the Ducati, because of the high-performance engine, but I think the best bike is the Yamaha, certainly not as powerful as the Ducati, but much better in the corners. I think it will be a good bike for him ”.

Do you think it is more balanced?

“Yes, I think the Kawasaki and the Yamaha are the most balanced, everyone knows that Ducati is the most powerful”.


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