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MotoGP, Quartararo reckons the real challenge will be returning to Aragon with the 2022 bike

"The engine has already improved, but we have more time and margins. I had doubts but I have always maintained my confidence in Yamaha. Now the atmosphere in the team is one of those who don't want to just be satisfied."

MotoGP: Quartararo reckons the real challenge will be returning to Aragon with the 2022 bike



The reigning champion, Fabio Quartararo, made a big effort in these tests trying out the next evolution of the Yamaha engine in view of the 2023 championship. Immediately he appeared smiling and satisfied with the steps forward made, a clear sign that the doubts seen at the beginning of the season are a distant memory and that his confidence in the work of the Japanese manufacturer is renewed. His eyes, however, have not lost sight of the current standings, which see a Ducati in strong comeback and an upcoming GP that promises an uphill race for Fabio's Yamaha.

"The morning of testing was very positive - Fabio tells us smiling - I'm happy because we had confirmation that the new engine has improved, I took a tow behind Morbidelli and the top speed confirmed it. We also worked also on the electronics because the character of this new engine is slightly different. Now we will have to look closely at the data because the track with rubber on after four days gives a lot of grip, to give you an idea I lapped in 1m31.3s with a tyre used for 26 Laps. Put on a set of new tyres and it's like not having them. Overall I'm very satisfied, the prototype gave the results we hoped for, which means we're working well. "

Fabio was also one of the fastest riders of the day, it was a surprise to see him at the top of the top speed standings.

"The slipstream helped to set that 298 km/h, but looking at the average values ​​we gained something. Even looking at the results of our rivals, the improvement was evident compared to this year's times".

Is this new engine something you would like to have already put into production, or is something still missing?

"Yes, but there is still time for further room for improvement. We are only in September; we are still several months away from testing before the next championship."

Tell us about this new engine, is it still a Yamaha at low rpm?

"Yes, it is slightly different but in character it remains Yamaha. It is still slightly lazy in acceleration which is what we worked on this morning to make it a little more aggressive. In the afternoon we switched to the aerodynamics."

We saw you talking to Luca Marmorini.

"We all have headphones in the pits, so being able to talk to everyone I also spoke to him. This is one of the first times I've seen a big change in the looks of the whole team. There is a desire to work to improve even more. They are not the faces of those who think they have already achieved an acceptable result, of those who are satisfied, and this is helping to create a really nice atmosphere in the team. Everyone's concentration is at the highest level. As for Luca, when I was younger I sometimes wondered why he didn't come, but I know they're working. "

So can it be said that you have regained full confidence in Yamaha, after a season full of doubts?

"The real problem will be returning to Aragon with the 2022 bike – he joked, but not too much - it has never been a question of confidence, but I had doubts, which was the reason why I took some time before renewing the contract. Already when I renewed I felt the desire for growth, and now with this new engine I feel more and more determination on my part and the whole team ".

Did you have the opportunity to observe Marquez back on track?

"Unfortunately no, actually I didn't have the opportunity to see much, I was too busy with the tests. But I saw the Ducatis lap on rain tyres, who knows, maybe they do it so as not to have to use pre-heated tyres in view of the Aragon race".

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