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MotoGP, VIDEO - Marquez: "I wasn’t afraid two years ago. Now I’ve changed."

The first episode of the Honda web series “Behind the Dream” is dedicated to Marc.”My approach to racing will be different, but I’ll continue to take chances on the track.”

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Honda has prepared an exclusive web series: “Behind the Dream”. Six biweekly episodes will introduce us to six HRC celebs as Honda celebrates its 40th anniversary at Misano.

The first episode entitled “Marc” (see above) is dedicated to Marc Marquez. The cameras accompanied the Spanish champion during the Austrian GP,  both in the garge and in the paddock. during which Marc confessed his doubts and fears.

I know there’s a difference between fear for an important race or for the future,” he explained. “In the first case I never really felt fear, because I’d it my all, and I knew that it would be all over on Monday. The fear for my future is different. I didn’t feel it two years ago. Now, I’ll always take risks on the track, but the way I face races and my future has changed.

Being on the circuit for Marquez wasn’t easy.

When you’re home, you want to go back to racing, but you can control yourself. You can’t on the track. It makes you nervous to see your bike, even if with another number.”  he confessed.

Marc finally emphasized how important his team is to him.

The most important thing is that everyone accepts that these are difficult times and then work to improve,” he said. “I need to have people with whom I can share my doubts. The good news or the bad news. You can’t keep it all inside. You need to talk to someone if you have a problem. My people are like a bunker. They know that what we say is secret and that we can talk to each other about everything. knowing that we understand each other. The most important thing now is to keep everyone motivated.”



Translated by Leila Myftija

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