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MotoGP, Fast By Prosecco - Pernat: "Both Bagnaia and Quartararo won"

VIDEO – Carlo gives his expert opinion on the Red Bull Ring Grand Prix: "Pecco raced like a champion, but it seems as if we are watching a film with Fabio against everyone. It is still possible to beat him, but the number of races gets fewer and fewer"

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Carlo Pernat has been commenting on the Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring for us, a great opportunity for Ducati that was not taken to the fullest. On a track that could have penalized Quartararo a lot, Fabio lost only five points and even though Pecco is racing like a champion, there are still a lot of points to recover and fewer and fewer races. Even Aleix Espargarò and Aprilia could perhaps have done something more, but the reality is that today it seems like watching a film: Fabio against everyone. These are the words of our Carletto in front of a glass of Prosecco DOC:

"I would say that this Red Bull Ring GP was a Ducati Grand Prix. It could have been even better because the winner was both Bagnaia and Ducati. Pecco has already won 5 races, he is very strong and Ducati is right to bet on him, now he is one with the bike. The other winner was Fabio Quartararo, because after what we saw in practice with the overwhelming power of Ducati over Yamaha, he put some of his own into it. He is head and shoulders above the others, I don't know compared to Bagnaia but certainly he is compared to the others.

But I must also say that it could have gone better for Ducati. If Martìn hadn't continued to overtake Bastianini on the second and third laps, four of them would have gotten away, most likely the podium would have been all Ducati and Fabio would have lost more than the 5 points he lost, which are very few if we think that this circuit is penalizing for Yamaha.

Some difficulties were expected for Aprilia, Aleix Espargarò has never really digested this track and he came from a bad injury, which also takes your mind away from things. These are important points that he has lost, but we expect a recovery from Misano. The races remaining are beginning to be fewer and the points many. I would say that these are the key points from today's Grand Prix, because for the rest, if we talk about Honda and KTM it’s as if they are in the desert. Suzuki is also suffering from the decision to retire; the riders are suffering this thing.

Rins has had some good races, Mir has more crashes than ever in his career. There might be some justification, but right now all these mistakes are not good for their image either. Let's not forget that Mir hasn't officially signed for Honda yet, even though we all think he has.

A very interesting end of the season awaits us, now there are Misano and Aragon, which are still favourable tracks for Ducati, but with a Quartararo in such good form it will be difficult for Ducati and Bagnaia to beat him, because he is right there. The points to recover have decreased, but they are still many and Fabio is alone against everyone. It sounds like the title of a film: Fabio against everyone, especially against the Ducati army ".


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