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MotoGP, The Marquez brothers “break up” with manager Emilio Alzamora

Emilio Alzamora, the Marquez brothers’ manager, hasn’t been seen in the Repsol garage for the past two GPs, and the paddock’s talking. The news that Alzamora had Covid turned out not to be true. This could be the end of a relationship that has lasted almost 20 years.

MotoGP: The Marquez brothers “break up” with manager Emilio Alzamora

Emilio Alzamora, the Marquez brothers' manager, hasn't been seen in the Repsol garage for the past two GPs, and the paddock's talking. Although it's hard to believe, it seems like the impossible has happened or, at least, that’s what Emilio Perez de Rozas of the  El Periodico writes: the incredible success story of Marc and Alex alongside the former 1999 champion of the 125 is over.

Emilio Perez de Rozas is usually among the first to be informed of everything that concerns the eight-time championship, so it's difficult to believe that he'd be put in a corner.

"For two decades, Marquez has not separated, not even for a minute, from Emilio Alzamora, who has been by his side  him since 2005," Emilio Perez de Rozas wrote in El Periodico. "At first, in the Silverstone paddock, they were saying that Márquez's mentor – who participated at the end of July in a protocol visit between the champion and Antonio Brufau, president of Repsol – hadn't gone to England because he had  Covid. But El Periódico was able to talk to a person a few days after that weekend who, on August 7th, was eating at a table near Alzamora at the Hotel La Torre in Calella de Palafrugell. It was, therefore, clear that Alzamora's absence from the British GP was not due to illness, just as he had not gone to Austria because he was ill."

Continuing in its investigation, the newspaper added:

"The truth is that the events have precipitated in recent weeks, since Alzamora was not present at the recording of various interviews for various sponsors and media that Marc Marquez had  last Tuesday in Madrid. The Cervera brothers' mananger had always been present at these appointments because, despite having a large communication team, he never failed to attend all the events in which one of the brothers participated.

There are those who believe that their relationship has deteriorated, undoubtedly due to the 17 years they have been together. Azamora was, for his way of being and for the way he managed the professional life of the two Márquez Alentá brothers, very rigid in his decisions and, above all, very fearful that someone with a greater capacity of persuasion could approach them, especially Marc, and show him that his sports career, public image, and the opportunities that surround the star of motorcycling could be managed better, in a different way, with a different style and, perhaps, with greater effectiveness."

"Those who think so can’t forget that Marc Márquez is already 29 years old and, therefore, not the 12-year-old boy that Alzamora took under his wing when he was already beginning to stand out for his courage, determination, and extraordinary hands. The older of the two Márquez brothers, an attractive and fascinating person, has long felt that his image, in terms of marketing and leadership in the world of two wheels, could be greatly improved overall and, for more than a decade, has suffered the fear Alzamora has against any new developments in the sector."

The news is, therefore, not official, but Emilio Perez de Rozas is not a journalist who throw words to the wind. So, if he's written this, there’' a kernel of truth to it. We'll see if we can find out more in the next few days.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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