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MotoGP, Fast By Prosecco - Pernat: Ducati and Aprilia put pressure on Quartararo

VIDEO - Carlo comments the Silverstone Grand Prix: "Bagnaia is back in the fight for the world championship. Hats off to Aleix Espargarò and Aprilia.  Viñales is back to being, Viñales and Bastianini had an incredible comeback."

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Carlo Pernat has no doubts. In 40 years of racing, he has never experienced this kind of weather in  England. The perfect setting to comment on the Grand Prix in Silverstone while sipping a chilled glass of Prosecco Doc. A race that, according to our Carletto,  showcased various stars and brought back Bagnaia in full fight for the title, with a Ducati that's the bike to beat. 

Aleix Espargarò’s bravery was also applauded, since he raced even if he was in pain, due to his terrible fall on Saturday. The Spanish rider limited the damage, losing one point from Quartararo in a wide-open World Championship. Enjoy Pernat's video and his commentary on the GP. 

"A great  Silverstone Grand Prix. It’s the first time in my life I've ever experienced such weather here in England. Three stars, I see. The first is Pecco Bagnaia. He won where he had to win. He proved to be very fast, and he put the world championship back on its feet. The second is undoubtedly Aleix Espargarò because, after his incredible fall on Saturday, I don’t know how he managed to get back on the bike and to do this GP with the pain he was in. So much for a rider who was underestimated in the past but is now in a positive situation, and he’s certainly gambling on the world championship. 

The third is Enea Bastianini. He made an incredible comeback, after an unfortunate start, where Bezzecchi broke one of the wings on his bike. He rode the entire Grand Prix without a wing, and to understand what this means, just ask Gigi Dall’Igna. He made an incredible comeback. He overtook more than anyone, passing Quartararo, just to make a name for himself, and Martín on the last lap. He was a cracker. Glass full, although he could've done more without the problem at the start. 

There are other stars. Viñales finally had a race at his level on a track he really likes. He's a rider who's adapting a lot to this Aprilia. Another star is Aprilia, because they have considerably progressed. A bike that could win the World Championship. It’s clear that, at this moment, Ducati has the fastest bike. They proved it by placing two riders on the podium in a circuit where it seemed they could've had problems. Placing three riders in the first four is a sign of power. They're undisputed even in the Constructors Championship. 

Honda’s negative period continues, where the first to arrive are 12th and 13th ... It’s not the Honda we know. In forty years, I have never seen it at such a low level. They better get with it, because next year is close by, and they need a new bike and have to wait for Marc Marquez. This is the only foothold Honda has right now. But the bikes aren’t performing. 

Bad fall for Suzuki with Mir. Rins looked like he could do more. KTM is always at its levels. It still lacks something. The negative factor was also Johann Zarco. A fast rider who could've won today. He didn’t, and he even fell. A very fast rider who was in for a penny, but never for a pound. I love him, but today he demonstrated that, to win a world championship, you need something more. Anyway, it was a really great Sunday.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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