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MotoGP, Quartararo rues ‘nightmare’ Silverstone race after his rear tyre overheated

"It was our mistake, we used the medium because we didn't try the hard. The Yamaha is missing top speed, acceleration and rear grip "

MotoGP: Quartararo rues ‘nightmare’ Silverstone race after his rear tyre overheated


It was a disappointing Grand Prix at Silverstone for Fabio Quartararo. Irrespective of the penalty, the Frenchman vanished from the race due to the tyre, to the point of finishing in eighth position ahead of Aleix Espargarò's Aprilia. And Fabio was very disappointed, especially after the expectations of the day before, where the goal was to try to fight for the top positions.

“I am disappointed with the race – he said - because I thought the long lap would have penalised me much more, and finally it was not so bad. Just the rear tyre was so bad and behind the riders we cannot ride our bike. It’s just a nightmare. If it’s just one bike, it’s ok, but if there is more than one bike the rear tyre was so hot and it loses performances, then it goes down and then you are riding in a totally different way to the others. And for us to then overtake is a nightmare.”

El Diablo’s choice was the medium, while Bagnaia opted for the hard one.

“With the hard it would have been better, but it’s always easy to talk after the race. We didn’t try the hard rear tyre, so we made the mistake of not trying the hard rear tyre. That’s the problem. We didn’t try the hard tyre and this condition was super important to use this tyre. The rear tyre overheated incredibly and wore out quickly, without us being able to understand why ”.

In addition to the matter of the tyre, there were other aspects to overcome in the confrontation with Ducati and Aprilia.

“Top speed, acceleration and rear grip. But I prefer not to talk too much about this. It is important for us to stay focused, as there are some negative aspects that we cannot improve this season ”.

Fabio tries to dampen his disappointment, but the difficulties encountered were clear.

“We can be fast on all tracks, but the fact is that there is no tailor-made track for us. The next races will in fact take place on tracks with many accelerations and long straights. Then we will have Japan and Thailand, where we did not race last year, but the situation will be the same there too ”.

Meanwhile Ducati and Aprilia stood out on the Silverstone podium, while the Japanese manufacturers had to lick their wounds.

“I honestly don't know how the other teams work. The thing I can say is that they are working a lot in my garage and Yamaha has several Italian engineers inside. However, I don't know the method of our opponents ”.

Finally a comment about the world championship battle.

“In the last two races I have lost a lot of points and Pecco is fighting for the title. He has a lot of experience, moreover Ducati has more bikes on the track than us and this involves a greater comparison of data. Maybe on Friday we are fast, but then during the weekend they emerge given the amount of data available. The chicane of the long lap penalty? In my opinion it is dangerous ”.


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