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MotoGP, Vinales: "I'll fight for it tomorrow in the race. Hats off to Aleix, if necessary I will help him"

"We haven't talked about it, at the moment the best help I can give him is to be in front of everyone. I’m feeling always better on the Aprilia, I knew it just took time and now things are working"

MotoGP: Vinales:

Maverick Vinales has succeeded, he has made the Aprilia RS-GP his and is finally exploiting the potential of the Italian bike to the maximum. Almost one year has passed since his separation with Yamaha and the first contact at Misano with the bike from Noale, but in all this time the MotoGP Top Gun has never stopped believing even when things have been really complicated. The result of his hard work is second place today in qualifying at Silverstone, which suggests another race as an outright protagonist like that of Assen.

A fundamental result, because it shows that the performances of Sachsenring first and then Assen were not the result of isolated cases, but rather of a real and concrete growth that is finally about to bear fruit, bringing Vinales back to fight for the positions that his talent deserves, or the top of the standings of every Grand Prix.

"I'm happy with the work we have done, everything is coming naturally on the bike - commented Maverick - qualifying went well, I had the opportunity to push hard because I feel really comfortable now on the bike and I can finally push to the maximum. I think it will be a good weekend, tomorrow is race day and I feel prepared. In Aprilia we want to fight for the top positions and tomorrow I have the chance to do it. I will try without a doubt, I will push from the first moment. "

Here you won your first ever MotoGP race, it would be nice to do it with Aprilia too.

"It would be a dream come true. Already being on the podium at Assen was like a dream, but to continue on that path we always have to work hard and we are doing it. We believe in what we are doing, in Aleix's title race and also in the possibility that I win races this year. I'm happy, I want to push very hard tomorrow."

Did you talk to Aleix after the accident?

"Aleix had a really bad accident, but it was important to get out anyway and set the time. He did it and hats off to him. After I go to see him, I'm happy for him."

Would you be available to help Aleix in the race if necessary?

"The best I can do for Aleix is ​​to stay in front. We haven't talked about anything. It's a question of understanding if I should find myself in a position to help Aleix, but now all I have in mind is trying to win races, stay ahead of everyone and push hard. In MotoGP the first laps decide the race, and I want to be there. Of course if I have the opportunity to help him, I will. But I'm also very focused on my work in these races and I'm getting faster and faster ".

Do you feel totally in control of this Aprilia by now?

"I think there is still a long way to go, we are only at the beginning of this relationship. Some things can still improve, there are things on the bike that should suit my style a little bit better. In the end it is always a compromise between us, but step by step things are coming. The important thing is that I feel better every time I get on the bike, at the weekend the feelings improve a lot from Friday to Saturday. I feel I am stronger than Assen, all I can do is keep working hard. For me it's about getting used to the bike, I haven't reached its limit yet. Today it was nice to put it all together, I can ride precisely. With Aprilia we worked well in this weekend and tomorrow we will fight for it, I am convinced. I have a good pace, similar to that of Zarco. Tomorrow I start in front and I will give everything! ".

What would you like to improve on the RS-GP?

"I would like to improve the acceleration of the bike and in general I try to find more and more confidence. In the end this comes only after a long time, many laps and many races. I feel that the weekends are becoming easier because I am understanding more and more the bike already from Friday, so I start the weekend in a different way, ready and going strong. This makes the work easier for the whole team and obviously for me".


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