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Rossi at the 24 Hours of Spa: "We’re starting from behind, also because of my lap"

"Figuring out braking points and trajectories is difficult at night. It's a really crazy race. There are 66 of us on a 7km track, and it’s narrow in some places. But it's lots of fun."

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Valentino Rossi is about to face the first 24 Hours of Spa in his career at Spa-Francorchamps, one of the most fascinating, but also difficult and dangerous circuits in the world.

Vale suffered during free practice because, for beginners on four wheels, it’s like the University of Motorsports.

"It's the first time I've done a 24 Hour, and in Spa nevertheless, so there are many things to understand and know. There’s a lot of work to do to prepare every little detail. Thursday was a very difficult day. We started out badly because, after three laps of  free practice, there was a problem. But, in the afternoon, we were able to work on the pace and, in qualifying, the goal was to end in the first twenty,  in order to fight for the Superpole," Rossi said. "Unfortunately, we ended in twenty-fifth place because of small problems, including my lap that could have been better. Nico had managed to do a good lap, but they took it from him for having exceeded the track limits, so we’re behind."

Then Valentino explained his difficulties.
"It’s the first time I did free practice for the first time, and I saw that it’s difficult to figure out some braking points and trajectories, besides  the fact that, after only an hour, the track gets really dirty, so you find gravel and dirt that makes it difficult to control the car well. It’s still fascinating, and the team has done a lot to prepare the car in view of the race. I think Nico will start, and I'll do the second stint."

What do you expect from the race?
"It's a really crazy race. There are sixty-six of us on a 7 kilometer track and, in some places, it’s narrow. But it's lots of fun, There are several ups and downs and different variants to have fun with. Anything can happen. It’ll be important not to touch anyone and not make mistakes and damage the car. The double stint at night will be equally tough because, at first, you do well with new tires and the car behaves really well, but then you lose grip, and it’s not easy to go fast without making mistakes. There will also be a lot of traffic, and we’ll have to understand where to go and where to possibly get pass it."

Starting time: 4:45pm.

The race will be broadcast on Sky, NOW TV, and the  Championship YouTube channel.

Read the full interview Here.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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