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MotoGP, VIDEO - Zarco: “They said you have to experience the WDW to understand it, and it's true.”

Johann enjoyed Misano's big party: "I’d love to back flip again, but I'm not training, and I'm worried! The parade is the best time of the WDW. I'm happy with the season, but I miss winning."

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Johann Zarco is having a great 2022 and, right now, he’s the best Ducati rider in the general classification, but the victory – that has only been nearly achieved  by the French rider but never seized – is unaccounted for. In Misano, during the WDW, we asked him if he was ready to celebrate a victory with one of his legendary back flips, but Johann didn’t seem convinced that he could do it effortlessly, since he’s not training for it. We also then talked about France's golden moment in the MotoGP, thanks to Quartararo's victories and his podiums with Ducati, but Zarco is convinced that it’s going to be a while before we get to see other French riders at the top.

How about winning the Race of Champions and doing a back flip?
"I haven’t thought about that, Maybe it could be a good warm up for the second part of the season. Why not? But I'm not training for it, and that worries me a bit!"

You’re having a great 2022. What’s missing?
"Something is missing, because I haven't won yet, and this will be an important step. I still have to understand how to make the most of the Ducati. Seeing that I'm third in the league before the break motivates me a lot, but I still haven't felt like I did my best on this bike. I'm in a good position, and that's a good thing. I hope to be faster in the second half of the championship." 

You and Fabio are attracting many fans in France. When will the next French rider arrive in the MotoGP?
"It’s great that Fabio wins races and, at Sachsenring, I was second. According to the L'Equipè, I was at my minimum. It’s the most famous newspaper in France, and it was an important thing. So we can make kids dream and maybe make them want to try, to create schools. But the times are difficult. To change things, we have to  perform at this level for at least ten years. The mentality that exists in Spain and Italy, I don’t think can happen in France. It’s difficult because this sport costs a lot of money, and now everything is too expensive. It’s difficult for many to race in France."

What do you think of the WDW. What was your experience at this great Ducati event?
"It's special. Yesterday I was in the parade starting from the circuit, passing through Riccione, Misano, Cattolica, and it was great. Before that, I had taken a walk through the paddock, and I saw all the Ducatis. The old ones make you realize how passionate those who come here are. It was even better during the parade. You can really feel the passion. They’re not just any brand. They doesn't do normal bikes. They make unique bikes for everyone and there are a lot of fans here. They managed to create something beautiful, and I was happy to be at WDW for the first time. They said that you have to experience it to understand it and, after the parade, I can say that I do understood it.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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