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SBK, VIDEO - Bassani: "Me on the two-seater Ducati MotoGP?"Not way!"

Axel is enjoying the WDW as a Ducati rider: "It's really cool. As a rider, it's incredible. The controversy with Rinaldi? I also want to battle it out with the official riders, even with the blue and green."

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Axel Bassani is enjoying his first WDW as a Ducati rider and the spectators’ affection for him is incredible. The Motorcycle Racing Team rider is experiencing an excellent time in the SBK, constantly managing to be the best rider among the independents and demonstrating he deserves an official bike for the future. We talked about many topics with Axel just a few minutes before the Race of Champions, in which he finished in 7th place and as best SBK rider.

"The WDW is awesome,” Axel told us. “I had never been there, and doing it as a rider is incredible. You're right in the middle of a cyclone, and I'm having so much fun. There are a lot of people, and this is really important for Ducati."

Bagnaia brought his fiancée on the two-seater. Would you get on it?
No way!" As a passenger, I'd never. if I’m riding, I know what I'm doing, but if you’re behind' you don't really have the situation under control."

Let's talk about the present. The season is going very well. 
"We’re having a great season, even though I struggled a bit at first, but now things are different. I’m always first among the independents, and I’m never too far from the officials. Actually, I’m often there with them. Sometimes, being there but not at the top doesn't make you very happy, but then all you have to do is look at where the other independents are, and everything changes. We know that we certainly haven’t done a bad job."

What will the future bring, perhaps an official bike?
"As far as the future is concerned, I am unfortunately not in control of the situation. I just need to get on the track and do the best I can and try to stay in front of the official riders. Then there are those who have to make their own decisions. It's obvious that every rider would like to become an official rider but I can only express my opinion and do my best, then the rest is decided by others."

In Donington, there was a bit of controversy with Rinaldi, Can you explain it to us?
"Michael has the same idea as I do. I want to be with the official riders, too. I talked about him because he has my same bike, he’s Italian and, for me, it’s certainly important to be in front of him because it’s as if he were a teammate. Then, for my team, being in front of an official Ducati is important, as is getting on the podium. But actually my team and I want to be with the blue team and also with the green, and not only with the red. We'll see if it's possible. We’ll certainly always try.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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