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SBK, Bassani: "I say what I think, without fake smiles"

"I didn’t take advantage of the SCQ In the Superpole Race this morning, but I had the pace in the race, and I’m always the first of the independents. Mahias? He always complains when someone passes him."

SBK: Bassani: "I say what I think, without fake smiles"


Axel Bassani was once again the best of the independent riders. Despite a complicated sprint race, the Motocorsa rider ended up in seventh position in the afternoon rounds, ahead of Locatelli's Yamaha.

An encouraging result on one of the most complicated tracks of the entire World Championship.

"This morning, I tried to change the set-up that I didn't like,” he explained. “Unfortunately, in the sprint race, I couldn’t take advantage of the SCQ, and I freaked out. But, in Race 2, the situation changed. My  pace was good, The problem was starting from behind, then having to fill the gap."

There was a bit of tension with Lucas Mahias in the morning.

"He’s always like that. When you pass him, he gets angry. It's not the first time he hits someone. I passed him, and he hit my leg, then he complained because I didn't give him space, despite the fact that he was the one who came at me. In the end, however, no one from race management said anything about it. So, I guess that’s all over, since that maneuver wasn’t beyond the limit."

Your result at Donington is certainly positive.

"The long races turned out to be positive, despite having started from behind. What matters is that we're here. I was the first of the independents even today. We  progressed with the team, and we have to continue on this path."

Meanwhile, everyone is complimenting him on social networks.

"I always say what I think, without false smiles and with respect for everyone. Honesty is the most important thing for me." 


Translated by Leila Myftija

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