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SBK, Bautista brands as ‘bullshit’ what Redding said about the weight limit

“Putting a weight limit is stupid, Aleix Espargarò weighs 6 kg more than me. Here in Donington Rea has something extra. My 2023 teammate? If I had to choose, I would say Rinaldi "

SBK: Bautista brands as ‘bullshit’ what Redding said about the weight limit

Alvaro Bautista comes to Donington fresh from his contract renewal with Ducati and with the aim of doing well on a track that has proved complicated in the past. The Spaniard is aware that the exam is one of those with a very high degree of difficulty, but at the moment everything is going according to plan.

In addition to talking about the race weekend, Bautista had a lot to say about what Scott Redding told us yesterday, regarding a bike and rider weight limit.

"To me it’s just bullshit he said - For me, you always want more speed. Look at Aleix Espargarò; he’s very tall like Scott and he’s very hard on his training and his weight is maybe six kilos more than me. If Scott wants to be faster on the straight then you just have to lose some muscle. But then you have to move the bike with less muscle and less strength so you have positive and negative points in my case. For me, it’s a stupid thing to put a minimum weight with a bike with this weight. We don’t use the full power of these bikes in most of the races."

With the Redding chapter over, we then talked about the British weekend.

“Donington is a more difficult track. I don’t expect anything in particular, considering that in the past I have suffered here. The feelings of this Friday are positive, but we must proceed in small steps. At the moment Rea has something extra, but the podium is possible in my opinion ”.

His mind is focused on Saturday...

“Tomorrow we will try some changes in order to have better comfort on the bike. Beating Rea will be very difficult, but I am thinking of myself, regardless of whether or not I can fight with Johnny. Based on the confidence that I will have, I will understand what kind of strategy to adopt in the race, or whether to attack or not. In the end, anything can happen in racing and this is the beauty of motorsport ”.

From a market point of view, Bautista has already defined his future, renewing with Aruba.

“Last year I signed up for one season, as I didn't know how it would go on my second adventure with Ducati. My priority was to come back, have fun with the bike and regain confidence. Now I have decided to renew for 2023, because in this team I am happy, everyone is working hard to make the bike competitive and I am very happy. So let's go ahead together and we'll see what will be ”.

The only question mark surrounds who his teammate for 2023 will be …

“This is not my choice. I feel good with Rinaldi, from a physical point of view we are similar and there is an excellent relationship in the garage. We laugh and joke and of course we discuss things with each other. If I had to decide I would say Michael, seeing as he is a fast and competitive rider ”.

The path has therefore been traced and all that remains is to follow it…

“As I have said many times, we must continue with this consistency. In 2019 we went off-track, because we tried so many things. Now we have a well-defined line to follow and we are doing that”.


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