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SBK, Surprise at Misano: Bulega tests Ducati Superbike

VIDEO - Nicolò got to ride the Panigale V4O n the Riviera track for the first time and was amazed by its potential: "It's a spectacular bike."

SBK: Surprise at Misano: Bulega tests Ducati Superbike


Nicolò Bulega tested the Ducati V4 for the first time on the Misano track.The contract he signed with Aruba last year speaks for itself: two years with the option of a possible promotion into the Superbike. And who knows if we’ll end up seeing him in the SBK premier class one day?

The Aruba rider who, as we all know, is currently involved in the SSP with the Panigale V2, got to ride the Ducati, taking it out twice, five laps each time, for a total of ten laps: "I’d like to thank the team for letting me try out the Ducati Panigale V4R,” he said. “It was like receiving a gift. I only did a few laps, but I can say one thing. It's spectacular.”

Now he’s concentrated on the Donington race, scheduled in just over two weeks. A track he’s never been on and one we're sure he can’t wait to discover.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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