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MotoGP, Quartararo crashed and penalized for Silverstone: "a stupid mistake"

The Stewards decided to punish him with a Long Lap Penalty in the British GP. "The second crash? A fault in the traction control sensor, I didn't want to get back on track"

MotoGP: Quartararo crashed and penalized for Silverstone: "a stupid mistake"


Even the best have a bad day and for Quartararo the one in Assen was a textbook in this sense. A "rookie" mistake (to use his words) in which he also involved Aleix Espargarò, then one by the team who sent him back onto the track with the damaged bike and the first zero of the year, just before the holiday break. Surely that's enough? No, because the Stewards have also decided to sanction the Frenchman with a Long Lap Penalty that he will have to serve in the Silverstone GP.

Fabio didn't know it yet when he met the press after the race.

“I made a stupid mistake, like a rookie - he admitted - “It was not necessary to make this kind of move on the lap, but I’ll learn from that mistake. Pecco had made a good gap on the first lap, but then Aleix and I were able to catch him. I just saw an opportunity. The previous lap I saw that I could make a move, now I was a little bit more far and I braked too hard. I thought I could make it, but I didn't.”

After his crash he stopped in the pits to retire, but the team decided to send him back on track.

“I don't know why! - he admitted. “Basically, I was one lap down. I came into the pits because I felt there was a problem, but the team told me to go out again because maybe there was rain coming. I feel lucky not to have something broken after that.

That time it wasn't Quartararo's fault.

“They are looking right now, but I'm pretty sure that the sensor of the traction control was pretty damaged. The bike was almost straight so… the TC was damaged.”

All that remains is to pick up the pieces and think about the holidays.

“In any case it's a shame, because it's all my mistake and I could make a much better result than crashing on the lap and then crashing again - he regretted - We crashed only two times during all the first part of the season, and now twice in 10 laps, so pretty bad! It's racing. You want to fight with your opponent. It was not a thing that I make on purpose, of course, but just a stupid mistake. For two days I will punch myself, but then of course you will think about all the previous races that I did well.”


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