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MotoGP, Ezpeleta: "We're working on the 2027 regulations, we want slower bikes"

The Dorna boss does not agree with the decline in the show (and overtaking), but anticipates new regulations that will be imposed even without the approval of the manufacturers

MotoGP: Ezpeleta: "We're working on the 2027 regulations, we want slower bikes"


Is it the fault of the absence of Valentino Rossi or Marc Marquez? Whichever way you look at it, MotoGP races today are not as interesting as in the recent past.

We have our own idea - you don't need many different winners, you need 'serial winners' - but some riders, including Marquez himself, point the finger at the increase in technology, which makes bikes more stable and faster, but overtaking even more difficult, because it is obvious that if braking lasts 30 meters, there will be less room for action than if it is 50 meters long!

AS, always sensitive to the rumours of the paddock, asked Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna, if he agrees with the riders who indicate technological progress as the cause of the deterioration of the show.

"I don’t get bored. Sport is sport and circumstances, people and pressure make some races fun and others notwas the answer of Ezpeleta, who added - We have to make sure that the races are very balanced and that the best man wins. It's funny, because there are people who complain that one rider doesn't always win and others who complain that the same one always wins. Everything is the same. We can't touch it and the story of more or less overtaking is just a story ”.

Yet, for the moment, it’s only the riders protesting, not the public even if a certain decline in interest is perceived.

“I don't know if that's the case or not, but that's the way it is. These are technical rules approved for this five-year period by the manufacturers, and that’s all. The rules can only be changed if all manufacturers agree. Riders who think that way should talk to their own manufacturer - Ezpeleta insisted and then specified - We have reached a stable situation in the championship, with many brands winning and all competitive, with a regulation that we have made in agreement with them and thanks to the issue of concessions, and this will not change if everyone does not agree ”.

Actually Carmelo Ezpeleta is not blind, so much so that he anticipated that Dorna and FIM are already preparing the rules for 2027.

“We would like the top speed to be a little bit lower and for there to be fewer things. We have ideas, we will communicate them to each manufacturer, they will tell us what they think, we will put them in a blender and see what comes out. It is true that for 2027 I am not obliged to follow any guidelines. The FIM and we can establish some technical rules which, if all the manufacturers present in the championship at that moment are against, we can do it. Unanimity is not required for approval as for amendments".


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