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MotoGP, Jack Miller: "Ducati has lots of grip, it's like driving a Mini Cooper!"

“Performance has improved in turns, and so has grip. There’s never enough of that. The new bike is very fast in the first sector. We had problems in the past. Now it’s like driving a Mini."

MotoGP: Jack Miller: "Ducati has lots of grip, it's like driving a Mini Cooper!"


After the announcement of  his transfer to KTM for the next two years, Jack Miller reached a third best time in the FP2 at the Sachsenring. Thanks to Marquez, who’s sitting out this GP,  Ducati (and Aprilia) is showing its superior performance on the German circuit this season. The only non-Italian bike in the first ten positions is Quartararo’s Yamaha, in seventh. Twelve circuits separate the Australian rider from the moment when, after five years with Ducati, he’ll have to say good-bye to a team and a motorcycle with which there’s always been alchemy.

"It was a positive day,” Jack said. “I immediately felt at ease on the bike. I’m really satisfied with the results so far. I expected something more from the hard compounds, even though the sensations were still good, but not like the soft ones. It’ll be interesting to see how the tires will behave on Sunday. The temperatures change a lot during the race."

Did you use the new fairing?
No, even though the last tests gave us some great sensations. It's not ready yet. We're not going to use it here at the Sachsenring. I'm using the same old set-up. Pecco, on the other hand, is testing some new components of the front lowering device. We worked on the position of the rider on the bike. It works better in the segments with quick braking and fast acceleration, especially on slow circuits like this one."

What makes Ducati so fast on this track compared to before?
Performance in corners has improved, as well as grip, which is never enough. The new bike is very fast in the first sector. In the past, we had problems. Now it’s like riding a Mini Cooper. They also brought soft compounds for the rear in view of the qualifications. After mounting them, the first feeling was incredible. Even without looking at all the data in the various segments, and knowing that I made a couple of mistakes, I was pleasantly surprised by the performance. The track is in excellent condition, the race pace is excellent compared to last year, and the maximum speed on the straight has improved."

Martin said that making the pole is more tiring than keeping up in the last laps during the race. What do you think?
"I don’t believe it’s like that. In a way, it’s true, if you consider that you do the flying lap almost without breathing, but the last laps of a race are always very tiring at this rate,” the Australian rider concluded.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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