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MotoGP, Guidotti: "Miller is a risk, but he's the right rider to take it with"

The KTM team manager: "We needed Jack, he has enthusiasm and experience on other bikes. Oliveira refused our offer. As for Pol Espargarò in Tech3, we would like to use the satellite team to speed up development"

MotoGP: Guidotti: "Miller is a risk, but he's the right rider to take it with"


KTM has chosen Jack Miller for its future. A rider that team manager Francesco Guidotti knows well: he welcomed him into Pramac after his difficult years in Honda and ferried him to the official Ducati team. From next year they will work together again and the Australian could be the right man to bring about a change in the Austrian company's MotoGP project. The RC16 has proven it can be a winner, but it still lacks continuity.

Francesco, why Miller?

“We got there due to the need to change our set-up, as we now have four riders who only have experience with KTM in MotoGP. At this stage of the development of the bike, let's not forget that it is a very young project compared to the competition, we had to diversify with regard to the experience of the riders on other bikes. A choice had to be clearly made and the risks had to be accepted ”.

When did you start talking to Miller?

"We tested the waters with several riders and after the announcement of Suzuki's retirement everything became a bit easier, because we were also contacted, Mir and Rins free aroused some concern in the paddock with all the riders whose contracts are expiring. We found Jack was the rider with the most enthusiasm for our project, he had already raced in KTM and left a good memory, there have always been good relations between him and the company and he has been a Red Bull rider for years, then I know him well and have supported him. He is an experienced rider but still growing and his manager (Aki Ajo, ed.) is part of the KTM family, so it was relatively easy to find an agreement ”.

What will he bring from a technical point of view?

"Definitely a different experience and he will help us improve our bike. He is an instinctive rider, it is clear that 5 years of Ducati will have shaped his riding style, but as he has a natural talent we count on a fairly quick apprenticeship ”.

And from the human side?

“He is a character (laughs). He makes himself loved, he is a transparent and genuine guy from all points of view. This genuineness, in his youth, led him to make some mistakes, not strategic but of naivety, these of a pure guy. He has no ulterior motives and he cannot hide what he thinks. From a personal point of view, I have no doubt that he will be happy with us. From the technical one we took a risk, but I think he is the right person to do it with because he has always and in any case shown he gives his 100% ”.

Was it not possible to reach an agreement with Oliveira?

"The situation that arose after Suzuki's announcement led to a general opening of the market that we could not ignore, but we also knew that losing the rider with whom we have won the most races could be a risky move. We made him an offer at a time when the market was very open and we didn't feel like blocking the factory team for another 2 years, as we already had Binder under contract. We made him an open offer, he did not have confirmation that he was 100% in the factory team, knowing that this could have upset him. Miguel understood that it was not a decision against him but we had to evaluate the situation in general, and he preferred to give up ”.

As for Tech3, will it continue to be a junior team or will there be the entry of a more experienced rider? Everyone is talking about Espargarò.

“Everyone’s talking about Pol and it could have been Miguel. We need to adjust the game a bit because, clearly, this year with two rookies and a bike still not defined in its basic potential, it is also difficult to assess the rookies. We will have to revise something and we would like to make more use of the team from a technical point of view to speed up development. This is done with a rider with some experience and not with a rookie ".


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