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MotoGP, Rins will try to race at the Sachsenring: decisive visit tomorrow

Alex broke his wrist in the crash in the Barcelona race: "The MotoGP doctors will tell me if I am fit to ride… If I am, I'll go for it."

MotoGP: Rins will try to race at the Sachsenring: decisive visit tomorrow


Alex Rins will try to race at the Sachsenring. After undergoing medical checks, the Suzuki rider has been provisionally authorized by his doctor to race, but further tests will be carried out at the circuit.

At Barcelona, ​​following a terrifying crash, Rins was diagnosed with a fracture of the pyramidal (triquetral) bone and an ankle trauma. Alex began an electromagnetic therapy program, combined with anti-inflammatory medicine and the use of a support to hold the wrist in place. Today, after the last medical check-up with Doctor Xavier Mir in Barcelona, ​​Rins decided to go to the Sachsenring.

Dr. Mir explained that: “Alex Rins came to visit me on Wednesday morning before travelling to Germany to evaluate the shape of his wrist, we carried out some tests and it seems that the fracture is doing fine, but it’s not healed yet. It hasn't moved and is settling down. Alex wants to try to ride, but maybe he will need some painkillers and physiotherapy during these days.”

Tomorrow morning, Rins will have to pass the last official checks with the Medical Director of MotoGP, Dr. Angel Charte, and with the Medical Director of the Sachsenring circuit, who will make the final decision to declare him fit to race or not.

“During this last week I have been working very hard to try to rehabilitate my wrist as much as possible – declared Alex - Following advice from the medical experts I have been sticking to a programme of recovery, and I’ve been trying to gain mobility and reduce the pain. I hope to arrive in good condition in Germany, and on Thursday I will have the final medical examinations with the MotoGP doctors at the circuit so they can tell me if I am fit to ride or not…and if I am then I’ll go for it!”


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