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MotoGP, Ezpeleta: "We're pushing to talk to the teams about aerodynamics"

Dorna’s CEO on overtaking problems: "Theoretically, the regulation won’t change until 2026. Then we’ll reduce performance. Safety and financial sustainability must be considered."

MotoGP: Ezpeleta:

The MotoGP lacks that wow factor, like overtaking at the last turn, tussles that fans are passionate about. The technological level (and consequently the performance) of the queen class motorcycles has risen a lot in recent years, thanks to wings and lowering devices, but the entertainment has been affected.

Repsol, Honda's all-time sponsor, has complained about this, and the organizer of the championship, Dorna, also realized it. Carmelo Ezpeleta was one of the members of a round table organized  during the  Marca Sport Weekend and addressed the topic.

"Now we have stability, as far as the regulation is concerned, from 2022 to 20026,” the CEO explained. “Theoretically, changes won’t be made if not for safety purposes  or because all parties agree. We’re aimimg to reduce performance starting in 2027, and 60% sustainable gasoline will be used in 2024."

But maybe they should start doing something about the regulations beforehand.

"We’re pushing to talk with the teams about the wing issue," Carmelo added.

Taking aerodynamics to extremes is one of the reasons why overtaking becomes increasingly difficult.

"It’s difficult to increase overtaking. We’ve never had this problem,” he continued. “There are various factors. The safety and financial sustainability of the championship. How many teams were there that then disappeared? Now private teams can race sustainably.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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