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MotoGP, Fast By Prosecco Barcelona - Pernat: "Ducati, defeated halfway around"

VIDEO - Commentary on GP: "Fabio Quartararo is a cut above the rest. Ducati put two bikes on the podium, but one reached it thanks to Aleix Espargarò’s terrible mistake."

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As always, Carlo Pernat, with a cool bottle of Prosecco Doc, commented on the Grand Prix about the many topics from the Catalan MotoGP weekend. From Fabio Quartararo’s clean cut victory, to the bad results of his rivals who, for various reasons, lost their footing in the race for the championship. Bastianini fell while he was making a comeback, Bagnaia was mowed down by Nakagami, and Aleix Espargarò made an incredible mistake thinking that the race was over when there was actually one lap left to the checkered flag. 

"A Barcelona Grand Prix that immediately brings to mind Fabio Quartararo's strengths. A rider who’s a cut above the rest. He has an inferior bike, especially as far as maximum speed goes. But Fabio already won the World Championship last year. He’s fast, smart, and wants to win it again. He's also been able to settle for results such as a seventh or an eight place and, that’s why he’s at the top of the world championship. A mature phenomenon.

But it's also a GP that had to deal with what happened with Rins and Espargarò. Incredible. Aleix thought the race had ended a lap earlier. An unforgivable mistake, like the one made by Chili in the 250. This is an important mistake. Fortunately for him, it’s only nine  points lost, which aren’t many, although with such a good Quartararo, it won’t be easy. But it could also be a psychological problem. It’s hard for a rider to be the one who didn't notice something like this, even if it certainly won't happen again. It happens every twenty years! But Aleix has once again proven to be a very strong rider, with a really fast bike. He’ll certainly be part of the fight for the world championship, and I'm very happy about it, because they’ve worked a lot in Aprilia. 

When it comes to Ducati, we can’t speak of a defeat, because they put Martín and Zarco on the podium, even if at least one got up there thanks to Espargarò’s error. But they were there. So, either way, there would've been two Ducats in the top four at the finish line. Martín is finally back. Tomorrow he’ll be undergoing carpal tunnel surgery, and he’ll be racing with a different enthusiasm. 

I have to say that Race Direction needs to be changed. There are riders like Nakagami who are disasterous. A dangerous maneuver that ruined Rins’s race and made him fracture his wrist, and Bagnaia, causing him to get a zero he didn’t need and that distances him from the world championship, creating a very difficult condition. It’s clear that if I were the Race Director, I would disqualify Nakagami for two GPs. You can’t race this way and you also compromise the credibility of our sport. 

Then there was Bastianini’s fall, who start somewhat in the rear after having a difficult qualification. Despite this, he’s still third in the world championship, and this shows how much effort they have put behind him. For everything else, I’d say that there’s nothing rather important, other than Vietti's victory in the Moto2, which keeps the Italian flag flying.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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