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Moto2, Celestino Vietti: "Battling it out with Canet is cool. Roberts was unstoppable."

Celestino at his the 5th  podium and  at the top of the Moto2. "I didn't think I was going to beat Canet but, at the last turn, he went wide and I passed him. I had some difficulty with the front, but we worked well. I’ll have to push at the Sachsenring."

Moto2: Celestino Vietti: "Battling it out with Canet is cool. Roberts was unstoppable."


After that zero at Mugello, Celestino Vietti returns to the top of the podium and confirms his top position in the Moto2 World Championship with 133 points, also thanks to Roberts’ fall. For the young Italian rider, it’s his 5th podium and 3rd victory of the season.

"I'm happy because we were unlucky at Mugello,” Celestino said. “But the feeling was good here. We had some difficulties at first, and I had to go through the Q1, but we worked well these days. I don't think I had the best start. I had some problems with the front, and we were all very close. In the last sector, I had some difficulty with the bike, but when I found the right feeling and saw Roberts fall, I decided to push and try to get the win. It was a good fight with Canet. I didn't think I could beat him but, at the last turn, he went wide, and I managed to pass him. For this victory, I first thank the team for their work, and I dedicate it to my family and to all the people who are here for me."

After Argentina you had a setback. What happened?
"We have difficulties with the front tire temperature, but I think that, from the tests here in Barcelona ,we found a solution that works, and things are improving. I think that qualification didn’t go very well in Le Mans, but we then managed to limit the damage in the race and be fast. Now we’re back in the right direction."

How did you react when you saw Roberts pulled away?
He's had a great race pace all weekend. When you have another rider in front, your front suffers a lot. When you’re alone, you can push the bike to the limit. I think that if he hadn't made that mistake, I would hardly have been able to get catch up with him.

Among your victories, this seems to have been the most suffered.
"I agree. The conditions of the track and the temperatures were at the limit. I struggled a lot. Canet also had a great race. It wasn’t easy to reach him. I made a couple of mistakes, and he made me pay for them by passing  me, then I managed to catch up again. I'm happy with the way I handled the race. Maybe the only thing that takes away a little satisfaction from this victory is  Roberts’ fall. But when you race like this, to the limit, you can make mistakes."

Tell us about overtaking him.
"I rode in hard at turn ten, when I saw he was covering the corner entrance. I realized I should have tried to pass him on the way out. When I saw that he went slightly long, I tried to get in. I think we also touched a little, but fortunately nothing happened."

Is it riskier to overtake or defend yourself?
"Overtaking. I was right at the limit with the front."

Next stop is the Sachsenring.
"It’ll be one of those circuits where we’ll be very fast. We’ll have  a good fight and will push to the limit because I had difficulties last year. It’s not one of my favorites. Managing the spin on the  rear could also help, since we’ll  probably use a hard tire. The goal is to do better than last year, and then get to Assen which is one of my best circuits."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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