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Moto3, In addition to looking for slipstream: it is forbidden to keep the left hand on the fork!

In search of a better aerodynamic position, FIM stewards noticed that some riders were not holding the handlebars with both hands: now prohibited

Moto3: In addition to looking for slipstream: it is forbidden to keep the left hand on the fork!


On Thursday at the Gran Premi Monster Energy de Catalunya, the Moto3 class were called for a briefing with the FIM MotoGP Stewards.

The briefing was called to address safety concerns arising from the 2021 Moto3 race at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, primarily relating to riding slowly during the final turns of each lap in order to gain an advantage on the main straight. The situation in 2021 was unprecedented and must not be repeated.

At the 2022 Gran Premi Monster Energy de Catalunya, if the Stewards deem a rider to be repeating similar actions, riding irresponsibly, and/or causing comparable safety concerns to arise, penalties will be awarded. This behaviour and any similar actions will not be tolerated.

Riders may receive a behaviour warning if the Stewards observe a similar action that could trigger a potentially dangerous situation.
Repetition of a pre-warned event will be penalised.

Serious offences, including on the penultimate or final lap, may be penalised with or without a rider having received a previous behaviour warning. The severity of penalties will be at the discretion of the Stewards.

In addition, during the last event in Mugello, Moto3 riders were informed that they must hold the handlebar grip correctly at all times. This was followed up in the Thursday briefing at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

Holding the grip incorrectly is a safety concern, as any rider not holding the grip may have less control of their bike. Riders must be holding the grip securely at all times and no part of their hand should be resting on the yoke.

The position taken-the left hand on the fork tube instead of on the knob-is the custom on the straights in flat track.

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