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MotoGP, Fast by Prosecco Mugello - Pernat: "Ducati’s really great, Yamaha thanks Saint Quartararo"

VIDEO - Commentary on GP: "Bagnaia, Quartararo, Bastianini, and Espargarò are the natural selection. They’re the stars of this world championship, and it’ll be uncertain until the end."

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Mugello was pure entertainment on the track and, as always, our Carlo Pernat is ready to comment on what he saw during the Italian Grand Prix weekend with a bottle of Prosecco DOC. Many topics emerged, from Ducati’s victory with Bagnaia, to a very inspired Quartararo rescuing Yamaha, and also Bastianini’s serious error, and Aleix Espargarò’s umpteenth confirmation, where he went from being the outsider to aspiring for the title. 

"This Mugello Grand Prix is a photograph of two important things. First of all, Ducati, which proved to be the strongest of all by far. Second, Quartararo, who should be made a saint by Yamaha. Today Fabio proved to be a span over the others, even Bagnaia. I say this because the difference between Ducati and Yamaha was remarkable. But we saw a rediscovered Bagnaia, quote unquote, condemned to win, because there are many points to recuperate on Quartararo. 

A dark day for Bastianini who fell while he was going faster than everyone. A heavy zero, even if the ranking is still keeping him in the game. Aleix Espargarò’s fourth consecutive podium is beginning to be a burden. If he was previously considered an outsider, now he’s a real pretender to the title. Aprilia made a great bike. We saw this today at Mugello where rideability, but also power, counts. So we have four stars. Bagnaia, Quartararo, Aleix Espargarò and Bastianini. These are the four that I think are the natural selection. Ducati’s Miller and Martín are far below expectations in this championship. 

For us Italians, young riders are very important, and we have a very good present and future. We saw the front row here with almost three rookies. I'd say two rookies and two thirds. They were also impressive in the race, especially Bezzecchi, who’s very fast and, sooner or later, he’ll get a podium. He tried here, but Espargarò’s and Zarco’s experience put him in a position to fail. He, however, risked it, and should be commended for it. 

The other teams continue to surprise us negatively. KTM with an Oliveira who’s not doing well and is risking his position. All in all, Binder did well, with also a long lap penalty (ed. good old Carletto here confused him with Darryn, another one of his most beloved riders). In Yamaha, we can say that, if there were no saint Quartararo, we would probably be scraping the bottom of the barrel. Dovizioso continues to ride like he  shouldn't on this bike. Morbidelli seems like a former rider. 

But we still have four stars, three constructors in the fight and, in my opinion, a nice championship that will be decided only at the end of the season."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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