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MotoGP, Marquez: "I’m not riding the Honda the way I’d like to, I just risk in the first few laps"

"We have no more ideas in the garage. I was also sick today, I had a cold, but nothing would have change. I needed rain.  I had fun in Jerez because I fought and took even more risks, not here."

MotoGP: Marquez: "I’m not riding the Honda the way I’d like to, I just risk in the first few laps"


These days, all they can do is settle for what they have. Marc Marquez knows this well, archiving Le Mans with a sixth place that left him with a bitter aftertaste. Right now, Magic Marc has to deal with the bike, as well as with his health condition, which really influences his riding style. This year, his best result was a 4th place in Jerez, as well as three 6th places, in Austin, Portimao and, here, in Le Mans.

Marc is honest in the analysis that led him to the finish line 15" after Bastianini.

"I got up in the warm up, and I didn't feel well, my arm hurt too, I had a cold, but it wouldn't have changed much. I’m not looking for excuses. It's Race Day, I told myself. The race was like Jerez and Portimao. A solid race, nothing crazy. Like I said, our position is between five and seven. That's our target. I already knew that I would have struggled here at Le Mans,” he added. “I finished sixth, but without the falls of the Suzuki, I would have finished ninth, far from the first.

Marc accepts his limits with transparency. 
"My pace wasn’t good, and I couldn't get what I hoped. The only solution would have been the rain but, in the end, it remained dry. This was our race, risking the first laps, but then staying there. Surely, our time will come. I wasn't able to go faster. When Zarco passed me, I couldn't follow him, I went wide. We just don't have speed."

The difficulties are evident, and they’re hoping for a change in the Barcelona tests.
"We need to understand a lot about the bike and my riding style, since I don't ride the way I like to now. We have to progress, but I also have to do it, because I'm not riding well. The problem is that, in the garage, we have no more ideas, and we have no other material. I'm still the fastest Honda, but that's not my goal.”

What has changed recently?
"With the current situation, in overtaking, you have to be very aggressive, with the aerodynamics and the rest ... I also said that in the safety commission. The spectators wants to see us overtake. Quartararo. for example, was fast but couldn’t overtake, like what happened with Aleix in Jerez behind me and Miller. He was fast but couldn’t overtake."

What exactly do you need to work on?
"In stop and go turns, we weren’t bad, but we have to find the way to close corners faster and be able to lift the bike faster."

Is Le Mans or is Jerez better?
"I had fun in Jerez, because I fought and took even more risks, Not here. There, I took risks with Miller, I felt like it. Today, I didn’t feel good, and I didn’t get the chance. Maybe I could have ended up in front of Zarco, but taking too many risks, and that of falling was high."



Translated by Leila Myftija

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