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MotoGP, KymiRing towards the green light: FIM inspection in May, testing in June

The Finnish Grand Prix should be confirmed: Uncini will go there in a few days, while the MotoGP test riders will be there on the 13th and 14th of next month

MotoGP: KymiRing towards the green light: FIM inspection in May, testing in June

The KymiRing, the track that will host the return of the world championship to Finland in July, is an object of mystery. Three years ago the MotoGP test riders did a test on the track which was basically still a construction site, then, thanks to the Covid epidemic, nothing was heard of again.

In recent weeks, rumours have been circulating in the paddock about the possible cancellation of the GP, also because the organizers were focusing a lot on the arrival of Russian spectators (the track is just over a hundred kilometres from the border, 300 from St. Petersburg) which will not now happen because of the conflict in Ukraine.

The track must also receive international homologation. Franco Uncini, the FIM safety delegate is however optimistic: "The work is continuing and I will be there in a few days for the final inspection. I'm pretty confident that everything will be okay,” he said.

The track is also expected to host a test, in which only the MotoGP test riders will participate, on 13 and 14 June next, to check that everything is in order and to allow Michelin's technicians to collect fundamental data for the choice of tyres in view of the GP.

The layout of the track has remained what the testers had experienced in August 2019. On that occasion Michele Pirro was not particularly enthusiastic: "With the Moto3 bike you can have fun, with a MotoGP you can't - he told us - You are not able to exploit all the power, from turn 5 onwards, only 1st and 2nd gear are used. You use third gear once ".

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