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Biaggi says he would consider doing MotoGP in an Aprilia Junior Team, but not as an owner

VIDEO - "I already have a team in Moto3, but if they involved me I would like it and I would think about it. The love for my 250? We marked an era of success in Italy"

Biaggi says he would consider doing MotoGP in an Aprilia Junior Team, but not as an owner
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Max Biaggi was undoubtedly the real star of the Aprilia All Stars event at Misano, the Noale manufacturer’s big party. He was sharing the scene with all the riders of Aprilia's present and past, but the moment that really thrilled the crowd was when he rode his 1995 250 world champion bike, evoking the time when the Roman Emperor dominated in the middle class.

At the end of a day in which he also ventured into the role of track instructor for a group of lucky participants in the Pro Experience, Max spoke about many topics and also about the scenarios opened up by Suzuki's retirement in MotoGP, which in some way leaves room for the dream of seeing Biaggi and Aprilia together in a possible Junior Team in the premier class.

"I already have a team in Moto3 and I realize that it is not so taken for granted to have a team with thirteen, fourteen people. When you think that a team in MotoGP requires twenty-five or thirty people, and that the MotoGP bike is also much more complex, maybe I wouldn't feel like making a team as a Team Owner, but thinking about participation, if Aprilia asks me, I would definitely consider it. Even if it's not easy for Aprilia to make a second team and not even to do what I just said" .

Today you stepped into the role of instructor, how did it go with the pupils of the Pro Experience?

"For me today was the first time in the chair, a real experiment. Aprilia today with this Pro Experience has given the opportunity to those who are really passionate about this brand to take to the track with the people who really built this bike, back in 2009. Going out on the track with Aprilia riders gives them an opportunity to understand things that are not so obvious. The track is completely different than the road. But I must say that I found willing students, so hungry to learn, to understand what it takes to improve. Obviously then there is the subconscious, because each of them tries to improve but who are also held back by fear, because that is what holds you back and does not make you dare. But I saw that from morning to afternoon everyone made some progress. Both because they became familiar with the circuit and because they learned something with us. This was the great satisfaction for me, seeing them improve. "

They were hanging from your lips…

"You know, it is not easy to understand certain things when you listen to them and it is not easy to follow someone on the track who shows you how to do certain things. It is very complex to go fast on the bike, but I saw satisfaction in their eyes and this made it clear to me that they did a good job. Then whether they lapped one second more or one less counts relatively little ".

The truly incredible moment of these two days was seeing you riding your 1995 250. Why do you think after so many years that black bike with you in the saddle is still so exciting?

"Because it marked an era, that of the ‘90s. Those were years that marked a decade of success in Italy, because we only won in 250s. There were no riders who dominated in the premier class or in the 125s. Our domination in the intermediate class opened up a passion, then we were very transversal. We were strong on the track, but also outside we opened a different path with a general public which was not exactly passionate about motorcycles. "


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