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MotoGP, Dovizioso: "We need a big change, but Yamaha is thinking only of Quartararo"

“I had nothing to test today. To get more grip we need a big change, but Yamaha rightly wants to please Fabio, who doesn’t considers this a priority "

MotoGP: Dovizioso: "We need a big change, but Yamaha is thinking only of Quartararo"


Resigned to his fate or pretty close to it. The disappointed face of Andrea Dovizioso at the end of the Jerez tests more or less confirms the complicated moment that the rider from Forlì is experiencing on the Yamaha of the team headed by Razali. After the difficulties encountered yesterday in the race, today things certainly did not change, considering that there was nothing new to test inside his garage.

It was Dovi himself who explained it at the end of this testing Monday.

“Today we didn't have any material to test - he said - so we concentrated on weight balance. The feelings are slightly better, as what we tried allows me to brake slightly better. In the end, however, the feelings are similar to the weekend. We had few pieces available and that's it ”.

And to think that some observers expected to see Dovizioso with the new fork, but Yamaha opted for small things.

“They have some things in mind to find grip, but in my opinion they aren’t necessary. They are too small to try to change that aspect. When you do these kinds of tests, in the end they are just refinements and not changes. As I have already said Yamaha were not ready to introduce something big in this test. Furthermore, we have to see if they are willing to do so ”.

The fact is that the main issue is the lack of rear grip.

"In my opinion, there is no way to improve grip by working with the set-up. Bigger interventions need to be made, but these need to be decided in advance. It is clear that at this moment no one knows what to do and how, but we have to start. The fact is that you have to see if they intend to start or not and I don't know that. However, they are taking it into consideration, given that they have become aware of this emerging dynamic ".

Everything the man from Forlì could do, he did.

“I did all the set-up tests between weights and lengths. When you can't condition the grip you have to touch the big things, about which I have already expressed my opinion, but I haven’t yet received any answers. Rightly they are focused on making Fabio happy, given that they are fighting for the title. They are therefore not putting all their energy into things that Quartararo does not consider as a priority. I can understand it ”.


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