Bezzecchi: "I was behind Bagnaia and I thought: I'm doing a crap lap!" "

“Instead I crossed the line in 37.2 and there I realised what he had done. The Ducati worked well and if his shoulder holds up Pecco will fight for the win. As for my crash, I wasn’t at the limit, I forgot the lowering device". Marini: "the fairing is small and for me it's a disadvantage"

: Bezzecchi:

There were mixed sensations in the VR46 box, with Bezzecchi finishing an excellent qualifying in 8th, satisfied with the result achieved, while Marini is still struggling with the Ducati 2022, with which he only obtained a 19th position on the starting grid.

A great day, are you satisfied?

“A lot, satisfied with the rhythm in FP4 and even this morning in FP3, it was a positive day. Honestly I was shitting myself in Q1, it's almost more difficult than Q2, there are only two places and it's tough. I managed to get through but, you know, with only one tire I still struggle, with the second I usually go better and in qualifying I have always kept a bit of margin. I'm really happy".

Do you think the crash at the end of Q1 took something away from you?

"No, I don't think so. I crashed because I didn't take off the lowering device, I had to pass Dovi and I didn't take it off. When I remembered it was too late, but I wasn't at the limit".

You do well in qualifying, the problem is the start. You also said that at Portimao.

“Yes, luckily here you can try in two parts of the circuit, so I was able to make two attempts in turn. We are trying to improve from 100 to 150, the sprint is not bad but the clutch is difficult to modulate when the speed increases ”.

Since you are always fast, will it be a good race for you tomorrow?

“It sure would be great. Here we worked well and the pace is not bad, I'm between 37 high and 38 low. If I can start well, that will be crucial and I can do well enough ”.

You said doing the tests here would help you ...

“For sure it was cool, because it wasn't the first impact like in the other circuits”.

As a rider, how do you explain Pecco’s fantastic time?

“I was behind him at that moment and I thought: I'm doing a crap lap! Instead I crossed the line in 37.2 and there I realised what he had done. The Ducati worked well and if his shoulder holds up Pecco will fight for the win ".

Where is he making up the time?

“In corner entry, that's all”.

So do you think it's the time that the 22 bike will overtake the 21?

“If they don't have any problems with wheelieing I think it is, I hope it is”.

Marini: "I'm very tall and the Ducati fairing is small: maybe that’s the problem"

Marini is not in the same mood, still struggling to find the right times with his Ducati. The causes? According to Luca, the main problem is due to his height, which does not go well with the fairing of the new Ducati, which is more tapered than the previous one.

“It seems that the feelings are improving but the times are not. I don't know because I'm riding well, I'm at the limit in every corner every lap but the distance with the leaders, on the lap and on the pace, don’t drop. For the moment we can't find a solution, it's the same story every day. "

Is it difficult for you to understand Pecco's situation, given yours?

“No, no, Pecco's situation is clear. He has a lot of confidence with the bike ”.

The problem in two words?

“Turning and accelerating. The bike wheelies up a lot and I lose a lot, on this track the straights are very short and in any case I lose three tenths. I can brake very well, and deep down the problem is there."

Will you focus on finishing the race tomorrow and gathering information to work on Monday?

"No, tomorrow I'll try to do my best, trying to improve right from the warm-up and doing my best in the race".

Is the problem with wheelieing related to the fact that you are unable to get the best out of the lowering device?

"No, we use it normally, it’s simply because I'm very tall, the fairing is small and that's a disadvantage for me. Ducati could work on a more protective fairing. In the meantime, we'll focus on the geometry and electronics to patch things up."

Is your position on the bike correct or do you have to work on something?

“I'm comfortable on the bike. I'm also physically fit. The bike is easier and from that point of view I feel okay. I'm 100% ".

What do you expect for tomorrow?

“I don't know, any result will be fine. I'll give my best ".


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