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MotoGP, Bastianini not bothered by Martin but says it would be a pity to leave Ducati

“I haven't decided my future yet, we are far away and we need to talk. The conditions must be right for me to leave, Ducati has guaranteed me an official package for 2023"

MotoGP: Bastianini not bothered by Martin but says it would be a pity to leave Ducati


On the one hand there is the challenge on the track, on the other the transfer market holding sway with one eye on 2023. Enea Bastianini’s name is at the centre of the negotiations, considering that his future is still waiting to be written.

At Jerez the rider market is a topic that is as fashionable as performance on the track, where the Gresini team rider finished the afternoon FP2 with the second quickest time.

"This morning the track conditions were not the best - he said - in FP2, however, the situation was better, given that the damp disappeared. At the moment the feelings are positive, even though with the medium tire I expected to do more. The fact is that here at Jerez I feel good with the Ducati, even if I’m struggling at the rear, because it doesn't allow me to lift up hard and have the right confidence with the front. "

The focus then switched to his physical condition after Portimao.

“In the morning I had a pain in my wrist, then in the afternoon the situation improved. For the rest what can I say, I always find the same bike under my ass. We will have to change something, but that’s acceptable. However, I am calm, I quickly regained my confidence, I am relaxed, since in Portimao I was more agitated than usual. I got a little nervous last week ".

This day of free practice turned out to be different than the usual one for him.

“Today I was faster on the flying lap than on the pace (he smiled). The problem, however, remains the grip, even though with the soft it disappears. I think I had a good time on the flying lap, but with the medium I have to work, because I am not able to ride the way I want. The GP22s? Even in the tests Pecco was strong, since we already have some benchmark data to base ourselves on. I don't know if updates will arrive, but the bikes are similar ”.

After talking about the track, we then moved onto the subject of the rider market, in which it seems that Enea will have to contend with Martin a seat on the official bike.

“The dualism with Jorge doesn't bother me, more than anything else I don't think about it, I'm focused on the 2022 World Championship. What I know is that Ducati has guaranteed me a complete package for next year and this gives me peace of mind. Then we will see what happens ”.

So his future is not yet written…

"I haven't decided yet, we're far away. We still have to talk, of course we got along well with this bike. It would be a pity to have to leave, even though the conditions must be right".

Finally, the past, with that success at Jerez still imprinted on the mind.

"Sure! Among other things, the memory appeared on Facebook. It was one of the best races I've ever done ”.


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