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MotoGP, Miller: "It's not my place to judge Ducati, I just think about racing"

"I'm finally starting to feel completely comfortable on this bike, in order to better understand all its nuances, race after race. Portimão is a special circuit. We have to repeat last weekend’s results. The European circuits will be decisive for the championship."

MotoGP: Miller: "It's not my place to judge Ducati, I just think about racing"


After the positive results in the last GP of the Americas, in which he fought tooth and nail for his place on the podium, ending up on the third step, Jack Miller is seventh in the rankings  at the moment, and it’s time to prove what he’s always said on several occasions: everything will be decided on the European circuits. The Algarve circuit, where he came in second in 2020, could become the springboard that Ducati was waiting for, after a start in the championship with  results that are below their expectations.

Last weekend, you led a phenomenal race, starting from the front row and dominating most of the race, then taking a back seat only in the last laps, and finishing on the third step of the podium. Among the next circuits here in Europe, there will be several where Ducati has done well in the past. How important is it for you to get a good result here in Portimão, so as not to interrupt the positive results we saw in Austin?
"The plan is precisely to be able to maintain this level of performance level,” Jack told us. “We’ve had a start of the season below expectations, which has happened to me often during my career, but now we’ll face several favorable circuits, so it’ll be important not to interrupt the positive direction that we’ve undertaken. I’m finally starting to feel completely at ease on this bike, better understanding all the nuances, race after race. I’ll try to face the race this weekend taking advantage of the positivity and confidence gained after the results in Austin, trying to work with the team to replicate the same result."

You have a more than positive history here in Portimão, with two poles and two podiums. It’s clearly a circuit in which you do well, and that favors the Ducati. What do you think is the strength of your bike on this circuit?
"I think the reason is that the circuit is really special compared to all the others on the calendar. There are elevations, fast corners, there's a bit of everything. It's really a circuit where it's nice to ride. Compared to other circuits that are all more or less similar, it’s always pleasant to be on a circuit with mainly left corners. We've done well here in the past, so let's hope we can replicate the great work we did over the past weekend."

What do you think about the fact that last year's Ducati currently leads the World Championship over the official Ducati?
"Honestly, I only think about racing. It’s not up to me to judge or deny this or that result. All I have to do as a rider is try to get all the potential out of my bike. I know the package is good, and I think it’ll improve even more," the Australian rider concluded.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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