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MotoGP, Bagnaia predicts the Ducatis will be fast but also Marquez at his Austin track

"I started with excellent feelings, I will have to get into Q2 directly. I would have preferred it that they resolved the track problems once and for all"

MotoGP: Bagnaia predicts the Ducatis will be fast but also Marquez at his Austin track


Bagnaia has no doubts that Friday was a good day at Austin. It was the answer he wanted and needed, because there had been progress in the Argentina race, but he needed to confirm it and start the weekend in Austin on the right foot. In FP2, with used tires, his pace was among the best, while on the flying lap it was not as convincing.

"I made a mistake, I went long at turn 11 – he explained his 9th place - The feelings on the bike however were excellent, we started this weekend in a normal way and I was only able to think about improving".

Was that what you were looking for?

“To be able to start like this it took hard work, we had to sort some things out, but I'm happy to have these feelings. Just thinking about riding and improving helps you to be more prepared, it is an advantage in this sense ".

The Ducati also seems to work at its best in Austin…

“This is clear and positive. In FP2 I focussed above all on the pace, tomorrow we will have to get into Q2 directly and work on the tires ”.

You don't want to repeat Argentina's mistake?

“When you have a good pace, like mine, you have to get into Q2 right away. It is important because, in that way, in FP4 you can focus exclusively on the pace, without thinking about anything else. Tomorrow morning I want to confirm some changes we made today and then I'll use two tires for the time attack ”.

Do you already have a clear idea of ​​the form factor?

"The Ducati is strong, as are the Suzuki and the Aprilia with Vinales. Marquez will certainly be fast too, this is his track. Right now I see the Desmosedici competitive, so we will have to continue in this direction ”.

What do you think of the new track surface?

“If they did a certain type of work they must have had their reasons, but I would have preferred if they had resolved the problems once and for all. They only intervened in some places and over time the others will get worse and it will be the same story again. Without counting the fact that the parts with the old asphalt are very slippery ".


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