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MotoGP, Argentina GP: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Aprilia and Aleix Espargarò kick off a party prepared for years, Bagnaia gets nervous, Quartararo disappears

MotoGP: Argentina GP: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly


All’s well that ends well. The crates arrived late at Termas de Rio Hondo, like the Aprilia victory, but there was a happy ending both for the GP and for the Noale-based team. Aleix waits 32 years for his first time and turns out to be a top rider, Noale becomes the capital of Italian motorcycling again and after many tears of suffering come those of joy.

To which Vietti is quickly getting used to, the Italian becoming more and more in charge of a Moto2 that is looking for a new phenomenon on the horizon at all costs and doesn’t realize that it has one at his side.

MotoGP is not a fairy tale and if Espargarò is the hero on his black horse, behind him there are the losers. Quartararo, who is subjected to the moods of his Yamaha, while it’s the opposite in Ducati: with the Desmosedici at the mercy of the nervousness of Bagnaia, who fortunately calmed down in time for the race.

THE GOOD - If the wait for pleasure is itself pleasure, the one experienced by Aleix Espargarò and Aprilia must have been staggering. An ecstasy waited for 32 years by the rider and 7 by the company, which stopped time in a moment of joy and tears. In racing, the only important thing is winning, doing it is a liberation, a reward for suffering, sleepless nights, doubts and criticism. All that remains is to enjoy it for a few days, and then start all over again in Austin, with the knowledge that you won't have to wait so long.

THE BAD - In Indonesia, electronics in the mood for madness, in Argentina a lowering device so stubborn that it didn’t want to get up again, meanwhile the Aprilia wins and perhaps fate wants to say something to Dovizioso, who was courted by Noale. The past does not change, the present does not make any concessions, the team should make an examination of conscience.

THE UGLY - The world champion was unable to win but he didn’t even convince, on an unrecognizable Yamaha. A puncture ruined Morbidelli's Argentina trip, but Fabio Quartararo didn’t enjoy himself either. The Frenchman is hoping for the arrival of friendly tracks and the abolition of straights in the regulations and in the meantime he is forced to lick his wounds.

THE DISAPPOINTMENT - More than a beast, a lost puppy. If Bastianini said he understood little or nothing from the Argentine GP, for us it was even less. In these cases we must quickly forget the disappointment and remember Qatar, the Enea we like to see is the one there.

THE CONFIRMATION - While words are wasted on who the new rising phenomenon will be, Celestino Vietti leaves certain useless ruminations to others and continues along his path. Which always runs straight to the podium, with another victory, the second in three races. Cele prefers facts to words and you can't blame him.

THE MISTAKE - A fifth place and a comeback are not what Ducati is asking of Bagnaia and neither is he of himself. Those who are the cause of their own illness know how to cry and Pecco's Saturday was a compendium of everything a rider shouldn't do. Irritated and slow in qualifying, calm and (faster) in the race: the next training for him will have to be a course (accelerated, of course) of Zen.

THE SURPRISE - Luca Boscoscuro likes to draw his cards from decks that others don't even look at. The latest ace is Fermin Aldeguer, 16 years old and very talented, with the record of precocity in Moto2 thanks to the pole position and a venial sin in the race. He doesn't even have to recite the Lord’s Prayer, he's already forgiven.

THE PASS – The one that earned Sergio Garcia the victory, clean and lethal over Dennis Foggia at the penultimate corner. The final brushstroke on Aspar's Spanish masterpiece.

THE CURIOSITY - Before Aleix Espargarò only three other riders had managed to start in pole position with three different bikes: Randy Mamola, Eddie Lawson and John Kocinski.

I TOLD YOU SO - Jack Miller in a battling mood on Saturday: "It will be important to get a good start and make up ground". The Australian finished the race without making one single pass.


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