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Elegantly aggressive, Segway Villain SX10 WX

Its net weight is only 855kg and boasts  105hp with a 1000cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, twin-cylinder, DOHC engine. The Villain is also equipped with a front axle differential lock and a 93.5N.m torque

Auto - News: Elegantly aggressive, Segway Villain SX10 WX

Although the SSV market is a niche market that is exclusive to niche enthusiasts, manufacturers are trying to meet the needs of all fun-loving drivers, with many new models that have more or less been upgraded to meet these needs. We had   remarkable test drives with Segway, which provided us with a full range of 2022 models. Today, we’re reviewing the Villain SX10 WX.

Before we get into the actual experience, let's talk about Segway's latest technology:  the Segway Powersports Smart Moving System. This system provides drivers with route planning and real-time driving data. It can be synchronized with your cell phone, and you can even use it to remotely unlock the vehicle, using your phone as a key. The Segway Powersports Smart Moving System can act as a data center, capable of providing drivers with driving data, such as average speed, maximum speed, distance traveled, and so on. It also provides real-time horsepower, torque, speed curve data, and speed limit settings with EPS gear customization. The Segway is equipped a 10.4-inch smart touch screen.

For those of you who are afraid of missing a phone call, this system can connect to your phone and transmit calls and messages onto the 10.4 inch screen, so you can  answer your phone or read messages without taking your hands off the wheel. In addition to the features mentioned, this system is able to play the music playlists on your phone, so you don’t have to tolerate the monotonous sounds of the engine as you have fun driving, while enjoying some music.

Test driving the latest model: VILLAIN SX10 WX

About the exterior. The shiny animal-eye-shaped headlights of the Villain SX10 WX are really astonishing! The black and white sharp lines wrap around the dazzling tangerine-colored steel frame. Elegantly aggressive. The first thing that catches your attention are the incredible 30X10 R14 off-road tires, in their ready-to-fight stance. The shape is very avant-garde, almost futuristic. According to the manufacturer, the Villain is the perfect embodiment of controlled-tension aesthetics.

The exterior looks like a beast, and the powertrain of this vehicle acts like one. This series of models are two-seaters, and the driving experience is exhilarating. It might seem a bit exaggerated, until you personally drive this vehicle. Its net weight is only 855kg and boasts  105hp with a 1000cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, twin-cylinder, DOHC engine which offered excellent medium- and low-speed dynamic performance during tests. And it revs up really quickly, so you can immediately start enjoying your drive, whether it’s at a low, average or high speed.

A rock-climbing model was also launched. Its unique feature is an additional low-speed mode, with a better accelerator, providing sufficient torque to overcome obstacles. Engineers also made some adjustments to the chassis of the vehicle, like improving the position of the suspended lower swing arm and the crossbar.  The manufacturer also added new front bars and more enveloping fenders to protect the chassis from damage.

The front suspension has a 400mm stroke. Double-speed compression damping and rebound damping can be switched, at will. The rear suspension is a multi-ink trailing-arm suspension with a 450mm stroke that obtains 380mm of ground clearance.

The Villain is also equipped with a front axle differential lock and a 93.5N.m torque, which can maintain power output in any situation. It’s also equipped with a professional sports off-road configuration, including a high-strength frame, and professional shock absorbers. The manufacturer provides two color options to meet the user’s preferences: orange-red and green.

To sum it all up, you’ll definitely get an exciting ride with the Villain SX10 WX UTV. The EPS will allow you switch between standard, comfort, and sports modes, so you can steer steadily when the speed is too fast, or steer easily when the speed is too slow.

Model Highlights

- 1000cc DOHC engine

-  105 hp, 93.5 N.m torque

- Front axle differential lock

- 72" version: Front wheel size 30x10.00 R14. Rear wheel size 30x10.00 R14

- 64" version: Front wheel size 29x 9.00 R14. Rear wheel size 29x11.00 R14

- 650kg towing capacity

High-strength chrome steel frame

-  LED headlights     

- 40L fuel tank capacity


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