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Moto3, Electronic update to warn riders in the event of an accident

The system will be tested during this season. Moto2 and Moto3 riders will be able to use tyres not used in GPs for training purposes

Moto3: Electronic update to warn riders in the event of an accident


The Grand Prix Commission met on March 4th in Qatar. On the table there was not Ducati’s much-discussed front 'lowering device' (to which the other manufacturers are opposed) but some regulation changes affecting above all the lower classes. Let's have a look at them in detail.

Sporting Regulations – Effective immediately


Following feedback from the riders it was agreed to redefine the situations in which certain flags and light panels defining lack of adhesion were displayed.

The new meanings of flags will be:

Yellow and Red Striped Flag: The adhesion on this section of the track could be affected by any reason other than rain (oil, gravel, grass or other debris). This flag must be shown waved at the flag marshal post.

White Flag with diagonal red cross: Drops of rain on this section of the track including rain affecting the track surface. This flag must be waved at the flag marshal post.

With the agreement of the FIM, in order to have consistency, the same meaning for flags will be applied at other FIM and National Series.

Technical Regulations


Moto3 and Moto2 – Effective immediately

Due to the impossibility of determining the source and specification of racing tyres used by riders for training with non-GP specification machines it was agreed that teams may now use tyres unused at events for training purposes.

No unused tyres will now be returned to Dunlop at the end of the event. A further consequence is that teams will only receive brand new tyres in their allocation for events. No tyres will have been previously allocated and possibly been subjected to tyre warming.

Moto3 – Effective from 2023

To facilitate the introduction of an automatic warning system for riders approaching the scene of a crash, it will be necessary to make certain modifications to the electronics, including the enforcement and unification of the DellOrto 6-axis IMU and the BC-OUT_RL-300 power module from 2D.

Modified equipment and systems will be effective from 2023. However, development of the technology will be carried out in race situations in 2022.


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