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MotoGP, Marini aims to win over the sceptics with his results on the track

"Last year was stressful, I wanted to do more but couldn't. You must never feel like you've arrived, my example is Lewis Hamilton"

MotoGP: Marini aims to win over the sceptics with his results on the track

For Luca Marini last season, his debut one in MotoGP, was not easy. He had a slightly vintage Ducati and struggled to find the right pace. This year, however, things have changed, the new VR46 team has entrusted him with a Desmosedici 2022 and he himself seems to have changed. The goal is to also overcome the scepticism of many who see him simply as Valentino Rossi's brother.

"It's true, on the part of many people there is scepticism towards me - admitted Luca - I can say to them to get to know me better, to talk to me. I am pleased that anyone who has worked with me has a different opinion, that he has understood what sort of person I am. I can only strive to show my speed with results on the track ”.

Last year, however, you didn't get the same results as Bastianini and Martin, the other rookies. Is this the season of payback for you?

“I was in a different situation, not only from Jorge's but also from Enea's. I don't see 2022 as a year of payback, but one of growth, in which to express myself at best and enjoy myself, that's what I want. Last season was stressful, it happens when you feel you want and can give more but you can't, as happened to me for various reasons. When, on the other hand, you are at the level of the others, it all depends on you, this loads you with responsibility but it is in that moment when the champions make the difference. This is the right year to do it, I'm here to stay in the positions that matter, aim for the podium and also for victory ".

Did starting with a non-official bike help you to go through the necessary training?

“In truth it was just more difficult, because I was stressed trying to do more and riding calmly and serenely was a problem. I couldn't enjoy the moment and work on the details like I did in these winter tests, during which I was able to focus not only on making a good lap but to stay ahead in the race. Now I feel calmer, I enjoy it more and, having the same bike as the other riders, I can look at their data and understand what they do different from me ”.

Do you feel you've changed too, not just the bike?

“The important thing is never to feel like you've arrived, an example to follow is that of Lewis Hamilton who works on himself and improves every year. MotoGP is very difficult, maybe now it is more difficult than ever, so you never have to feel satisfied but keep progressing. I changed my riding style to adapt to the Ducati and now I'm starting to adapt the bike to my needs ”.

How did you work on yourself?

“Basically I gained awareness. The level in MotoGP is incredible, each rider is very strong and has an official bike, it's nice to feel on a par with everyone else and this makes the difference ".

Does racing for your brother's team change anything?

“Nothing really, because all the teams have the same goal, that of doing their best, fighting for the positions that matter. It is certainly nice to share this moment with Valentino, with him I can talk about certain things that I could not discuss with another boss. However, when I'm in the garage, nothing changes ”.

How do you get on with David Munoz as your crew chief?

“We have a fantastic relationship, not only professionally but also personally. I really enjoy working with him and he will be a key member of my team, not only because he is very intelligent but also because he manages to stay calm when things get tough ”.

Will he make your life easier?

“It's impossible to have an easy life in MotoGP (laughs). But it's nice to feel at home, the important thing is that everyone pushes to be able to do well and it will be nice to share the good times with them ".

What do you think of the Ducati GP22?

"It's a fantastic bike, as it is new you have to work on it a bit but in a few races we will be at the top. I improved too, I worked on my weak points and I understood how the front tyre works, in the tests I went fast even in the race simulation ".

Do you think you arrived in MotoGP at the right time last year?

"When I saw Zarco, Bagnaia, Morbidelli, all riders I had raced with in Moto2, fast in MotoGP, I gradually began to realize that I too could do it. The results then helped me feel more and more ready, so yes, I moved up at the right time ”.

You mentioned Bagnaia, what do you think of his renewal with Ducati?

"It's good for both, Pecco will be able to start the season with a clearer mind and try to win that title that both he and Ducati want."


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