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MotoGP, Marquez: "I won't be the same Marc as before but an evolution of him"

"I was in heaven and I hit rock bottom, I will move to Madrid to heal my arm. With Valentino's retirement we have lost an icon, but MotoGP goes on."

MotoGP: Marquez: "I won't be the same Marc as before but an evolution of him"


Today Marc Marquez turns 29 years of age and perhaps the best gift he would like to receive is to forget the last two. First the arm injury that made him miss a season, then the eye problem, now he is fine again but only he knows how difficult it was to fight against his physical condition.

The Honda champion confessed in an interview with AS: "I’m smiling again now, it's important after two years in which I hit rock bottom - he said - Until 2019 I was in heaven, I was at the peak of my career, and I had to experience the other side of the coin ".

It wasn't easy…

“Pain changes your character - he continued - It had never happened to me before. Last year I kept apologizing, because when I suffered my character changed, I was less receptive”.

It is entirely understandable, because the doctors had put him up against a terrible possibility: that the diplopia would not heal by itself, that he would have to undergo an operation, with the risk of not being able to live a normal life anymore.

“When the doctor tells you such a thing, at some point you cry alone in a room because you know what can happen - Marc revealed - As optimistic as you are, you are also realistic. The doctors say it is a miracle that after two and a half months my sight has healed and it hasn't had any side effects ”.

Many observers are wondering if now on the track we will see the same Marquez as before...

“My intention is not to be the same Marc as always but an evolution version of him - he explained - My goal, however it will turn out, is to fight for the World Championship title, this is very clear. Maybe I won't start in the best way, but it will be a long year ”.

Marc is used to challenges that seem impossible and this time, to succeed, he will change his life, abandoning Cervera.

“I'm doing everything and more to get back to where I was before - he declared - One problem is my arm, which I have to continue to take care of. In fact, with Dr. Samuel Antuña we decided to get in touch with Dr. Angel Cotorro, who is the doctor of Rafa Nadal and the tennis team, because he has an excellent staff of physiologists and physical trainers. I know it will be my Achilles heel throughout the year and I know I need to take care of it. On a personal level, I have made a big sacrifice, that is moving to Madrid for the whole of 2022 for this reason, in order to give my best ”.

This will be the first season without Rossi…

"I don't get along with Valentino, you know, but I have no problem recognizing that without him MotoGP loses an icon and a rider who has attracted many fans, but MotoGP goes on - Marquez commented - There are new generations and I am the first to reinvent himself. Life goes on. Some great riders have retired, but it is true that Valentino's impact has been very great. The championship will certainly continue with the same interest and the same show on the track. What the fans want to see are overtaking and the show, which are guaranteed. He will be missed in the first few races, but we will move on, and when the lights go out in Qatar, people will be watching to see who wins. There are Quartararo, Bagnaia and a lot of other riders ”.

Marquez included…


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