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MotoGP, Marini: "Now I feel fine on the Ducati, I'm worse than Lorenzo for the ergonomics"

"Setting the fastest time is worth a lot for me. We were able to work on the riding position, but I need a race simulation to understand my potential and that of the GP22"

MotoGP: Marini:

Being the fastest in a test is of relative importance, but it is always better to see your name at the top of the timesheets than at the bottom. Today, at Mandalika, Luca Marini did just that and it is perhaps the best way to remove from his head the two days at Sepang where, due to some technical problems, satisfactions were few and far between.

"I know there are no points up for grabs, but for me this first place is worth a lot - said the VR46 team rider - Also today I saw all the riders very fired up for the time attack, we were in the same conditions, and it's nice be in front. For sure this is a completely different test compared to Sepang, there I started uphill while here everything is going according to plan. Now I'm curious to do a race simulation tomorrow to see my potential and that of the bike over the distance, I hope that other riders have it planned so that I can compare myself with them ".

Do you definitely feel at ease on the Ducati?

"As far as the ergonomics are concerned, I'm worse than Lorenzo (laughs). I ask for a lot of things and Ducati satisfies me. On the GP22 there is more room and I feel better, but I hope to have something more for Qatar because, to get more comfortable in the saddle, I lost something in top speed ".

Have you physically solved all your problems too?

"In the winter I prepared better because I knew what to expect. The problem last season was not having tested in November, so I trained as usual, based on my experience in Moto2, where I could have done two races in a row. Instead, I found a different situation and I was not even comfortable on the bike, and there was no time during the Grands Prix to work on ergonomics, to sort out those details that are fundamental. It wasn’t my fault, or that of Ducati or the team, there simply weren’t those tests in November and so I found myself chasing everyone. Now I have found a good compromise and everything is easier for me ”.

We could see that today...

“Apart from the flying lap, it was a good day for me, the team worked well and my confidence with the bike increased a lot. I was also comfortable with used tyres; I think I have good potential on this track but we still have to work to improve the pace. I did a good lap and I think that tomorrow, if the conditions remain good, we can go below 1’31", but I don't know if there will be time, I have some things to try and above all a race simulation to do".

Will that give you the answers you are looking for?

“Going for a flying lap is easier than doing a race, when you put on new tyres all the problems disappear, you just have to give it your all, stay focused for 15 minutes. In the race you have to be at 100% for 45 minutes and there are many variables to manage. You also need experience to be at the level of the best and that's the step forward I want to take ".

Does being on the official Desmosedici help?

“The bike has improved, not in one thing in particular but in general. I already noticed this when I tested the GP21 in Jerez, last November, and, when we manage to exploit its full potential, the GP22 will be even better. I am riding well, but I have to thank the whole team, I am very satisfied with their work, we are growing together, and I am sure that we can continue like this throughout the season. I hope to have the same confidence in the Ducati on all tracks ”.

How do you still need to improve the GP22?

“We are looking for the right compromise with engine brake because in MotoGP it is important to brake hard, both to overtake and because now you make the time coming into the corners, not exiting. I'd like more confidence in the front, but it's all about the details. It will also be important to try the bike on other tracks to understand its potential, there is still a lot to discover ".


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