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Coronavirus: mandatory vaccine in Formula 1, almost in MotoGP

Differences in the regulations between the major four and two-wheeled championships, even though in MotoGP it is not possible to race in some countries without a vaccine

MotoGP: Coronavirus: mandatory vaccine in Formula 1, almost in MotoGP


While MotoGP is in Malaysia for the first tests of the year, the Gazzetta dello Sport has reported the news that in Formula 1 full vaccination will be mandatory to access the paddock. The whole Circus, therefore, including drivers, mechanics, press and guests must have completed the vaccination cycle in order to participate in the race weekend. In MotoGP, the regulation is not so stringent and yet to enter some countries, including Malaysia and Indonesia (where pre-season tests are taking place and will take place) the vaccine is mandatory and therefore all professionals had to show a vaccination certification or choose to stay at home. Australia is also of the same policy, for example many will remember the Djokovic case of the Australian Open. It’s a vaccination obligation that does not exist but without a jab of Pfizer, Moderna or similar, it will be very complicated to travel the world with MotoGP in 2022.


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